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ZV-200 Tornador Velocity-Vac

Now you can vacuum, clean, and air dry all with one tool!

The ZV-200 Tornador Velocity-Vac is the newest addition to the detailing world from manufacturer Tornador. Designed to work with the supercharged Tornador Z-020 Black and a wet/dry vacuum, the Tornador Velocity-Vac totally expands the capabilities of your Tornador Black. With a few easy installation steps, your Tornador Black is now ready to tackle even the filthiest interiors. The all-in-one cleaning tool is just what you’ve been waiting for!
The ZV-200 Tornador Velocity-Vac works with the Tornador Black 020 and a wet/dry vacuum.
The ZV-200 Tornador Velocity-Vac works with the Tornador Black Z-020 and a wet/dry vacuum.

The ZV-200 Tornador Velocity-Vac essentially takes three popular detailing tools, and turns it into one! Rather than having a separate tool for pressure blowing, interior cleaning, and heavy duty vacuuming, simply attach the ZV-200 Tornador Velocity-Vac to your Tornador Black and go!

When the Tornador Black Z-020 was introduced, it blew us away - literally! Never before was it so easy to clean interiors! The combination of cleaning solution and compressed air got rid of stubborn interior stains with no problem. Now, with the introduction of the ZV-200 Tornador Velocity-Vac, it’s even better!

Suck up sand, dirt, crumbs, pet hair, etc. with the vacuum attachment, while the existing inner tube sprays a light coating of cleaning solution. Once the section is clean, flip over to the compressed air setting and dry! The ZV-200 Tornador Velocity-Vac features a couple different settings, allowing you to decide which works best for you and your project.

Choose the liquid and vacuum setting for stubborn, ground-in stains. The cleaner will loosen the debris’ hold on your carpet or upholstery, and the vacuum will remove it once loosened. Use the air and vacuum setting to blow up and dislodge dirt, dust, and pet hair before the vacuum sucks it away. ZV-200 Tornador Velocity-Vac can be used on all interior carpets and upholstery.

ZV-200 Tornador Velocity-Vac features:
  • Rugged design – will not break or crack under pressure. Will withstand as many interiors as you can!
  • Easy installation – the included data sheet includes pictures guiding you through set-up. A few snaps and clicks and you’re good to go! All required tools included in package.
Can only be used with the Tornador Black Car Cleaning Gun and a wet/dry vacuum. Z-020 Tornador Black Car Cleaning Gun sold separately

ZV-200 Tornador Velocity-Vac

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Carthage, NC
clean and vaccum
I really like this attachment. It helps with interior I like it for the seats the have little dirt stains. I can clean the seat and vaccum it at the same time which saves me time. Also works with pet hair in a car.
San Juan Puerto Rico
The best
Very good product thank you autogeek you are the best.....
New Zealand
Excellent product
Excellent product. well made
Greensboro, NC
A must have
I wouldn't use the TORNADOR without this. Works well and is well made
ProsEliminates the mess that the TORNADOR makes Fits the ridged vacuum hose perfect
ConsThe hose is unnecessary and it should be $39.99
Increadible addon for an already great product.
The ZV-200 is intended to mate to the Z-020 cleaning gun and adds the capability for improved dry vacuuming and liquid extraction with a cleaning solution. As a dry vacuum it makes a huge difference; the difference between looking clean and actually deep down clean. The agitation and additional flow provided by the compressor driven Z-020 means that very fine and deeply trapped dirt is lifted and removed. Carpet in car interiors is generally very fine and low nap and is difficult to truly clean without an extractor. A great test is to vacuum and then use your hand to hit the seat/carpet and watch the dirt which wasn't captured by vacuum alone become airborne.The ZV-200 enables that type of deep clean with only dry vacuuming. Even better, the ZV-200 is an extractor when coupled with a wet/dry vacuum. I have had great results with APC (applied from spray bottle) and a brush to agitate, then rinsing and extracting with the ZV-020/ZV-200 filled with distilled water. If heavier cleaning is needed then I'll do a pass with cleaning solution in the ZV-020/ZV-200 and followup with a rinse and extraction using distilled water. Truly incredible product that you'll find yourself using more often than not once you realize how much of a difference it makes.