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Tolco 3/4 Inch Swivel Faucet

Makes dispensing easier!

If you run a professional detailing company, chances are that you are buying the majority of your products in bulk. The issue with buying in bulk is dispensing your products out of a 5-gallon jug without spilling a large portion of it onto the ground in the process! Well, the Tolco Swivel Faucet can be attached to your 5-gallon containers of product to give you a steady and condensed flow of product without any spillage!

The Tolco Swivel Faucet is easy to use and even easier to manage the exact amount that your dispense. There is no need to fiddle with valves which taper off the flow as they go. Instead you can go from full flow to none with the flick of your thumb. This is especially helpful if you are working with concentrates and need exact measurements for dilution!

¾ inch connector

Tolco 3/4 Inch Swivel Faucet

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Tolco 3/4 Inch Swivel Faucet