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Stoner Glass Stripper

Excellence in surface prep

Stoner Glass Stripper is a surface preparation to remove contaminations from your glass before applying some sort of coating or repellent. Stoner Glass Stripper removes a variety of contaminations, including water spots, all without scratching. Plus, Stoner Glass Stripper is easy-to-use!

In order to have safe drive, free of distractions, at least visually, you need clear glass. Glass cleaner can do the job in a pinch, but for a really crystal-clear view, it's always best to have a coating or specialized repellent. But before you get to that point, you need to make sure the surface is truly clean and free of any other residues before applying. That middle step is where Stoner Glass Stripper comes in.

Stoner Glass Stripper is the perfect tool to prepare your glass surfaces for a coating or repellent. This is because it works to remove various contaminants. Stoner Glass Stripper removes water spots, old coatings, road film and other contaminants. It works to eliminate baked on water spots, hard water minerals, silicones, waxes, oils, tar, tree sap, road salt and more from your precious glass.

Using mild abrasives, Stoner Glass Stripper removes these contaminations and water spots in a deep way, but all without scratching. It polishes away the contaminants and strips the previous coatings to make way for the new one to fully bond to the surface of your glass. Once your glass is prepped with Stoner Glass Stripper, then you can apply your new coating or repellent to have a clear and safe drive.

Easy and convenient to use, Stoner Glass Stripper can be used by hand or by machine and is meant for glass only. To use, make sure the glass is cleaned first with a product like Stoner Invisible Glass. Next, apply Stoner Glass Stripper to an applicator sponge and apply to the windshield in a circular motion. Rinse with water and wipe away remaining product with a clean microfiber towel or glass towel.

-Shake well!
-Clean glass with Invisible Glass® residue-free glass cleaner.
-Apply Glass Stripper to the applicator sponge.
-With applicator sponge, scrub windshield in a small circular motion.
-Thoroughly rinse windshield with water.
-Wipe away remaining Glass Stripper with a clean, dry cloth.

Stoner Glass Stripper

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Stoner Glass Stripper