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CarPro So2Pure Air Purifying Coating 120 ml.

CarPro So2Pure Air Purifying Coating 120 ml.

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High tech car odor eliminator and car air purifier!

Wow! So2Pure Air Purifying Coating by CarPro is a unique take on car odor removers. So2Pure is an air purification coating for auto interiors that destroys all air pollutant molecules that land on it. So2Pure eliminates odors from smoke, mold, diesel, and more! So2Pure eliminates odors permanently and cleans the air. Now that's a breath of fresh air.

The science behind So2Pure is incredible. So2Pure is based on the latest photo catalyst nano technology. In the presence of light, So2Pure forms active oxygen on treated surfaces that destroys all micro-sized air pollutants that land on it. So2Pure is literally an odor-fighting coating for your car's interior.

So2Pure totally decomposes the microscopic remnants of the odor molecules and releases them into harmless gas and water vapor. So2Pure works on any odor, including odors caused by smoke, tobacco, gas fumes, diesel, smog, allergens, chemical off-gassing from plastics, and more.

So2Pure destroys odor molecules as they come into contact with the SoPure coating.So2Pure is green technology! It works better than plug-in air purifiers or spray deodorizers. And you don't have a cloud of artificial fragrance in your vehicle. So2Pure coats the surfaces inside your vehicle and attacks odor molecules as they come into contact with them.

So2Pure is safe, non-toxic, pH-neutral, colorless and odorless. Apply it to any surface of your car interior, such as the headliner, seats, ceiling, dashboard, and door panels.

Because So2Pure actually CLEANS the air, it's great for allergy sufferers and anyone with sensitivities to certain smells.

One treatment of So2Pure works for up to a year! It's an amazing value.

Use So2Pure to eliminate odors and clean the air inside your vehicle.

120 ml.

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Works for me
Does what it says on the tin :) Sprayed a few squirts inside through the vents, a couple of sprays on the seats and the roof lining and that musty smell is gone...6 months now and used only a small amount.

Only caveat is, first time when spraying, the whole car was smelling like a really dirty, wet sock :( really bad...but that initial odor was gone after a couple of days parked outside in the sun.
Wasted my $
I tried this product base on some reputable reviewers. This thing didn't do much for my mildew smell. It works for a day or two but the mildew came back. Will not buy this product again.
It really works!!
This product is really hard to believe when you read the description but buy a sample if you don't believe me. It really works.

Btw: that review above mine is from my buddy Jim (Old Tiger) he meant to give it five stars. Just read what he said about it. He was the one that turned me onto this product with his testimonial.
Great product. I had left the windows in my truck open and the interior got wet. Work great to remove the bad odor.

thank you
Reads like Junk Science!
But it isnt!! Works great. A buddy had a stench in his car that reeked like cat urine. He had scrubbed interior with Megs 103+ APC with no success. I had a 10 ml sample. We sprayed into vents. Sprayed onto carpet. In 10 minutes the stench was gone and hasnt returned (~10 months) Try this!