> SCANGRIP Sunmatch II


SCANGRIP Sunmatch II Imperfections will have nowhere to hide!

With the overwhelming success of the original SCANGRIP Sunmatch, it seemed impossible to improve on this effective swirl-finder light. SCANGRIP, being the perfectionist that they are, somehow found new and improved features that they included in the production of their latest swirl-finder light, The SCANGRIP Sunmatch II. With many new features and even more improvements on existing features, The SCANGRIP Sunmatch II will ensure that you are able to get perfect clarity on every scratch, swirl, and fleck of dust on your paint!

The most prominent and maybe the most beneficial improvement made with the creation of the SCANGRIP Sunmatch II is the increase of brightness in the light it produces. When you are trying to locate and access the extent of fine swirls and scratches, you need to be able to actually see them. The SCANGRIP Sunmatch II boasts an outstanding illuminance of 650 lux on the low setting and 1300 lux on the high setting! With a brighter, more intense light, the SCANGRIP Sunmatch II’s light will be able to reflect off the miniscule ridges and valleys created by micro-marring and make them much more noticeable to the human eye.

The SCANGRIP Sunmatch II also further improves the visibility you are able to achieve thanks to its high Correlated Color Temperature (CCT). The SCANGRIP Sunmatch II has a CCT of 4500K on the low setting and 6500K on the high setting. The higher the CCT of a light source, the more closely it resembles the light produced from the Sun. Because the Sun is the most illuminating source of light any of us will ever see, being able to carry that illumination potential with you for any detailing needs is a major advantage!

The SCANGRIP Sunmatch II also has the same IP65 Ingress Protection rating as the original Sunmatch swirl-finder. This means that the SCANGRIP Sunmatch II is just as capable of resisting harmful dust particles and possible water damage. The SCANGRIP Sunmatch II has an IK07 Impact Protection rating, so you don’t have to worry about literally knocking your lights out!

The SCANGRIP Sunmatch II us powered by an efficient 3.7V/2600mAh lithium-ion battery that will be able to power it for up 2 hours of continuous use! There is a built-in system that will switch the SCANGRIP Sunmatch II to the low setting automatically after 3 minutes of use at the high setting. This precaution will not only allow you to get a longer operation time out of a single battery life, but will also prevent any risk of damage due to over-heating. The SCANGRIP Sunmatch II can be fully charge in just 4 hours, leaving you ready and able to tackle your next detailing job!

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