> > > > Rupes 100 mm Coarse Microfiber Cutting Pad, 2 Pack

Rupes 100 mm Coarse Microfiber Cutting Pad, 2 Pack

RUPES New & Improved 100 mm Coarse Microfiber Cutting Pad features:
  • An improved performance thanks to an all new material developed in house by RUPES
  • Better cutting and finishing capabilities
  • Increased durability thanks to the 1-piece (glue free!) designed backing
Rupes Coarse Microfiber Cutting Pad is designed for removing heavy swirl marks, oxidation, scratches, water spots, and sanding marks from all paint systems. The Rupes Coarse Microfiber Cutting Pad features a short and dense microfiber pile and is perfect for use with heavy cutting Rupes Big Foot Polishing Compound, like Zephir Gloss or Quarz Gloss. The special microfiber material allows for the true correction power of the product used.

The 4 inch pad is perfect for use with the Rupes LHR 75E Mini Random Orbital Polisher.

Rupes 100 mm Coarse Microfiber Cutting Pad, 2 Pack

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Morgan Hill, California
Solid...not spectacular
In some ways I like these better than the Meguiars 3" microfiber cutting pads because I do think they cut better when they are new and fresh. But, I don't think they last as long as the Meguiars. Also, if you apply too much pressure they will leave "pig tail" scratches which can be buffed out easily.
ProsCut very well when relatively new
ConsDurability is a concern
Bad quality!
Bought this pads and only used them 1 time beacuse the loop separeted at the time using it. the microfiber made the same, it separated of the pad at the moment of using them. This happened in my two rupes blue microfiber pads.
Cons-Bad Quality. -Bad Durability
Kansas City
Came apart in less than 10 minutes
Used the 4 inch with my small Rupes air powered polisher and medium Rupes polishing compound. In less than 10 minutes, the backing material separated from the foam and it flew apart. I have used many foam pads, washed and reused many times, and never had one come apart like this one did, even after multiple washing sand uses.

These pads are either defective or designed poorly. Hope Rupes can figure it out because the concept is good. I have used Griots microfiber pads on their machines and never had one come apart like this.

I purchased 4 of these pads and hope to return the other 3.
ProsIn the limited time I used the pad, it did not seem to cake up with compound.
ConsDurability is unacceptable. Price point for a single, short use, throw away pad is way too high.
Palm Beach, Florida
Terrible quality!
Not worth the money. The foam tears extremely easy. Both pads fell apart the first time and only time I used them.
Perth, Australia
Got 10 minutes out of it
Used it for a total of 10 minutes with Menzerna FG400 on a set of headlights that had some yellowing. The foam started to tear and the loop was coming away from the foam. Would not recommend it to anyone unless you want to use it once and throw it in the bin.