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RUPES Leather Fast Cleaner 500 ml.

Cleans leather - FAST!

Italy is known for producing some of the world’s finest leather goods, which makes sense for RUPES to develop their very own leather cleaner, aptly named Leather Fast Cleaner. This professional strength, consumer-friendly leather cleaner is a delicate detergent that’s formulated using surface-safe emollient agents that gently clean your auto’s leather without leaching out vital oils. As a matter of fact, RUPES Leather Fast Cleaner actually preserves colors and avoids surface cracking. Have faith in the Italians to produce a delectable pizza and a surface-safe leather cleaner!

Frequent leather cleaning ensures your auto’s expensive leather upholstery remains soft and supple. You would THINK that frequent cleaning would pose more risk than reward, but you are incorrect – here’s why: oils and salt from your skin, dye transfer from your blue jeans, and food spills wreak havoc on your auto’s leather upholstery. Frequent cleaning using RUPES Leather Fast Cleaner removes the aforementioned contaminants, and frequent conditioning with a rich, lavish leather treatment like Pinnacle Leather Conditioner keeps your leather soft, supple and well protected.

RUPES Leather Fast Cleaner is a 100% surface safe formula that poses no harm to you or your auto’s leather upholstery. You’ll be pleasantly surprised with the rich, clean fragrance as you spray it onto your leather seats and wipe away months of embedded dirt and grime, leaving your leather clean and bright. What’s more, RUPES Leather Fast Cleaner requires no rinsing!

Put your auto’s leather interior in the hands of the Italians. We promise you won’t regret it!

500 ml. (16.9 ounces)
Made in Italy

RUPES Leather Fast Cleaner 500 ml.

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RUPES Leather Fast Cleaner 500 ml.