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CarPro Reflect Polish 5 Liter Refill

CarPro Reflect Polish 5 Liter Refill

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Ultra fine polish creates a perfect finish

How perfect is your vehicle’s finish? Unless you’ve polished it with CarPro Reflect Polish, trust us when we say that there is still room for improvement. CarPro Reflect Polish is an ultra-fine finishing polish that is made up of advanced diminishing abrasives and proprietary lubricants designed to deliver a spectacularly glossy finish. Sick and tired of holograms and micro-marring? CarPro is too, which is why they designed Reflect Polish to clean up the compounding haze created by more aggressive polishes. If you’re after a perfect finish (aren’t we all?), CarPro Reflect Polish is the finishing polish you’ve been searching for.

CarPro Reflect Polish was designed with the professional detailer in mind. Why? It’s simple: no other group of car care enthusiasts have such a keen eye for perfection. After months of testing on a variety of different paint systems, CarPro gathered the feedback needed to make Reflect Polish one of the best finishing polishes available.

CarPro Reflect Polish was designed to be used with both rotary and dual action polishers, making it one of the most versatile finishing polishes. CarPro Reflect Polish is capable of removing up to 3000 grit sanding marks when paired with a foam cutting pad.

Use CarPro Reflect Polish as the second polishing step or as a one-step on vehicles with light swirl marks. CarPro Reflect Polish is the perfect complement to Fixer – CarPro’s more aggressive polish.

CarPro Reflect Polish is free of waxes, silicones, or fillers. With CarPro Reflect Polish, the finish you see if the finish you get – no surprises down the road after you wash the vehicle a couple times. What’s more, CarPro Reflect Polish has a long working time with little to no dusting. You’ll be pleasantly surprised at how easy Reflect Polish wipes off the surface, making it a pleasure to use.

Rediscover the art of polishing paint with CarPro Reflect Polish!

5 Liters

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CarPro Reflect Polish 5 Liter Refill