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Polish Angel Viking Kit

Polish Angel Viking KitProtect your paint in any climate!

The Polish Angel Viking Kit contains every product you’ll need to wash, prep, and protect your paint for years of the most durable level of protection possible! Polish Angel Glissante shampoo will thoroughly clean your paint surface of troublesome dirt, dust, and other contaminants to reveal the beautiful paint underneath. Polish Angel Viking Coat will provide your paint with the long-lasting protection that was designed to withstand even the extremely harsh climates of the Nordic countries. Polish Angel Viking Spritz is an incredibly effective spray sealant that contains the highest concentration of Silica and Titanium Dioxide available from Polish Angel, boosting the protection quality and duration of your Viking Coat. With the Polish Angel Viking Kit you will be able to perfect your paint and protect it with one of the strongest protection possible for years to come!

Polish Angel Glissante shampoo and its PH neutral formula will ensure that your paint is thoroughly cleansed with a gentle, non-corrosive combination of cleaner agents and polymers. The polymers in Polish Angel Glissante Shampoo’s formula also act as drying agents, drying around 90% of the water and reducing the risk of water spots occurring after you have washed your car. The high concentration of Polish Angel Glissante Shampoo allows you to use only one ounce of product for an entire wash, saving you money in the long run.

Polish Angel initially created Viking Cost to protect vehicles in the Nordic countries from the harsh climates found there and they succeeded greatly in these regards. If Viking Coat is capable of effectively protecting paint under the harsh conditions found in the Nordic countries, then it is certain to be able to stand up to any climate in the world. Viking Coat contains an extremely high concentration of Silica and Titanium Dioxide in its formula. The Silica in Viking Coat will produce a near impenetrable layer of protect that will last for up to 24 months. The Titanium Dioxide in Viking Coat will boost the shine and color transparency of your paint to unbelievable levels.

Polish Angel Viking Spritz is the perfect topper to finish the protection process of your paint. Containing the highest concentrations of Silica and Titanium Oxide available from Polish Angel, Viking Spritz will allow you to not only boost the protection of your Viking Coat, but also maintain your Viking Coat as well. This will increase the lifetime of your Viking Coat, ensuring that you get your money’s worth out of both products. On top of the increased and longer protection, Viking Spritz also boosts the shine and color transparency provided by your Viking Coat to an even higher level, allowing you to take pride in your car’s appearance without much maintenance required.