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Polish Angel Rain 9H

Polish Angel Rain 9HKeeps your glass clear year-round!

Polish Angel Rain 9H is an impeccable glass protection coating that will keep your vehicle’s glass protected for up to 24 months! Polish Angel Rain 9H will protect your glass from the water, dirt, insects, snow, erosion, aging, and scratches that your glass is constantly exposed to. Polish Angel Rain 9H will also resist dust and minor contaminants due to its anti-static nature. With Polish Angel Rain 9H, you will be able to drive in the rain without using your windshield wipers starting at speeds as low as 20 mph and maintain perfect clarity!

Glass is one of the most crucial surfaces on your vehicle to keep clean and clear. When you are unable to properly see through your glass surfaces, your chances of getting involved in an auto-accident are increased significantly. The worst part about this fact is that glass, while an extremely tough surface, will seem as though it gathers swirls and scratches faster that your paint. Because glass is a transparent surface, it will show absolutely every single mark, scratch, and streak. The only way to truly ensure 100% visibility through your glass for longer than 30 minutes is to make sure your glass is properly protected. There is no better product to protect your glass than Polish Angel Rain 9H. With an estimated life-time of 24 months, Polish Angel Rain 9H will ensure that the last thing on your mind while you are driving down the road is the clarity of your glass.

Your glass is constantly being exposed to a wide variety of hazards while you are driving. Streaks, scratches and swirls can seem to appear on your glass out of thin air. Not to mention the debilitating threat that insects, ice, aging, erosion, dirt, and even water can bring to your glass surfaces. Polish Angel Rain 9H is tested and guaranteed to provide durable protection from all of these common ailments your glass will face.

While it may not pose much of a threat to your glass as far as damaging it goes, dust can be a menace in its own right. It leaves your glass looking lack-luster and can be quite a pain to get off if you are not careful. Polish Angel Rain 9H was designed using a formula that has anti-static tendencies. These tendencies will not only prevent 80% more dust collection on your glass, but will also make cleaning the minimal dust that does linger worlds easier.

Make sure the glass is properly cleaned and polished to ensure that Polish Angel Rain 9H is about to achieve maximum hardness. It is recommended that you use Polish Angel CRISTAL to polish your glass. Shake Polish Angel Rain 9H prior to application. Apply the product in small, overlapping circles using the applicator pad that is provided. Buff off any remaining residue using the polishing cloth that is provided. Apply a second layer of Polish Angel Rain 9H 30 minutes after the first layer is applied. Keep the surface dry for a minimum of 10 hours after application is complete.