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Polish Angel Cristal Clear Kit

Polish Angel Cristal Clear Kit Restores and protects your glass for years!

Polish Angel Cristal Clear Kit is comprised of two revolutionary products made by Polish Angel to ensure that your glass is always crystal clear and perfectly protected. Polish Angel Cristal is an extraordinarily effective glass polish that will remove distracting and vision impairing defects such as silicon molds, burns, streaks, waxes, weathering, and scratches. Polish Angel Rain 9H will securely bond to your glass itself, providing a durable layer of protection against water, dirt, insects, and snow for years! Using just these two products on your glass will leave you wondering if there is anything there at all!

Glass is a fickle surface to work on. Not only is it incredibly hard and difficult to achieve actual correction on, but it will show ever imperfection and contaminant with absolute clarity. To make matters worse, having glass that is so clouded with imperfections that you are barely able to see the road ahead of you is an extreme safety risk. Polish Angel has developed two easy to use products that will solve all the worries associated with your glass!

Polish Angel Cristal is an exceptional glass polish that will be able to remove a wide range of defects from your glass’s surface, restoring it to perfect clarity. Polish Angel Cristal will eliminate silicon molds, burns, streaks, wax residue, and weather damage quickly and effectively. Polish Angel Cristal will even remove mild to severe scratches from your glass, allowing you to finally see clearly. Polish Angel Cristal can be applied either by hand or by machine ensure amazing results using whatever tools, if any, you have available. Polish Angel Cristal is not just limited to glass either. You can use Polish Angel Cristal to also eliminate scratches and defects from plastic surfaces as well!

Because your glass is constantly exposed to severe contaminants and environmental elements, it is important to properly protect your glass after you have restored it. Otherwise, your glass will be back to its defect ridden look within the week. Polish Angel Rain 9H is a great choice when it comes to properly protecting your glass. Made with a blend of polymers and ceramics, Polish Angel Rain 9H will provide an extremely durable layer of protection from insects, water, dirt, erosion, aging, snow, and scratches. Best of all, Polish Angel Rain 9H will last up to 24 months, providing you the worriless freedom of clear glass without constant attention. Polish Angel Rain 9H is a very versatile product and can also be used on your plastic surfaces to ensure clarity and protection to your plastic as well.

Start by polishing away the defects and imperfections from your glass using Polish Angel Cristal. Shake Cristal well before use. If you are applying Cristal by hand, use a microfiber applicator to apply the product using small circular motions. If you are applying Cristal by machine, use a finishing pad and apply the product at a speed of up to 1500rpm. After application, buff the remaining product away with a clean microfiber towel. After the surface is restored, use Rain 9H to protect your glass. Shake Rain 9H well before use and make sure the surface is dry and clean. Apply Rain 9H in overlapping circles using the applicator provided. Buff off remaining product using the cloth provided. Wait 30 minutes and then apply a second layer. A third layer can be applied if desired. Once applied, keep the glass dry for 10 hours to allow proper bonding.