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Pinnacle Black Label Leather Balm

The most luxurious surface in your car deserves the most luxurious treatment!

Pinnacle Black Label Leather Balm is a luxury-quality leather conditioner and protectant that pampers your leather with outstanding ingredients! Your leather will never be further from harms way when you use Pinnacle Black Label Leather Balm. The pH-balanced formula of Pinnacle Black Label Leather Balm will ensure that your leather is not being subjected to harsh, corrosive chemicals! The conditioning oils and beeswax will penetrate deep into your leather and nourish it back to the like-new look it had in the beginning. As if that weren’t enough, Pinnacle Black Label Leather Balm will then lock those results in with a durable layer of protection to keep your leather lasting for years to come!

When it comes to interior finishes, there is none held in more renown that leather. This incredibly soft and durable finish screams luxury to anybody who is there to enjoy it. However, this softness and durability are very fleeting if you are not careful to keep it maintained and protected. Leather is actual hide and like any other hide it will dry out, crack, and fade if you don’t make sure it is properly taken care of!

This is where Pinnacle Black Label Leather Balm comes in. Pinnacle Black Label Leather Balm is essentially a skin lotion for your leather! Pinnacle Black Label Leather Balm contains ingredients that are crucial for your leather! Ingredients like beeswax and natural oils. These natural oils occur naturally in skin and hide, but as the years go on, they will slowly fade and diminish. Because these oils can no longer be replenished naturally, Pinnacle Black Label Leather Balm will do a great job of infusing your leather with all the conditioners and oils that it has been needing!

By replacing these oils, Pinnacle Black Label Leather Balm can not only prevent cracking and dulling due to drying, but also even begin to reverse it if it has already begun! The conditioning agents in Pinnacle Black Label Leather Balm are strong enough to penetrate deep into the pores of your leather and revitalize the condition of your leather at its base and throughout! Pinnacle Black Label Leather Balm will breathe the life back into your leather and restore it to the soft and supple nature it had when you first got it!

Because leather is not made of any artificial materials, it is much more susceptible to harsh chemicals and ingredients. To make sure that the condition of your leather is always the best it can be, Pinnacle Black Label Leather Balm is formulated using gentle, pH-balanced ingredients!

While Pinnacle Black Label Leather Balm does the work of penetrating deep into the surface to condition your leather, the product that remains on the surface is working to protect your leather! Pinnacle Black Label Leather Balm contains UV-inhibitors that will prevent harmful UV-rays from reaching your leather. This is especially important because UV-rays are the main culprit of leather fading and cracking!

Your leather interior is an investment, let Pinnacle Black Label Leather Balm protect it!

Note: This product is not to be used on King Ranch “hide-soft” leather that predates 2014. It is, however, safe to use on King Ranch leather manufactured in and after 2014.

Directions for Use:
Clean leather area with Pinnacle Black Label Hide-Soft Leather Cleaner to start.
Apply a small amount of Leather Balm to a foam applicator.
Spread product along surface, working it into the leather until leather has a wet shine.
Repeat steps until all leather is covered.
Let dry on its own or wipe down with a clean, dry microfiber towel for immediate use.

8 oz.

Pinnacle Black Label Leather Balm

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Goldsboro, NC
Black Label Leather Balm
Brought out the luster on the Ceramic White Leather Interior on my 2017 Mustang 5.0 GT Convertible! Looks like it just rolled off the dealer show room!
ProsEasy to use.
rockwall, Texas
leather love
Bought this leather product because it was the only one that addressed the perforated leather. I was tired of poking the dried leather conditioner from my leather seats. The leather balm works great, and leaves my seats soft and supple, smells good and easy to apply. I've looked long and hard for the right leather product and am satisfied I've found it.
Prosall around good product
Kittanning. Pennsylvania
Works EXACTLY as shown in the video
This product is absolutely great! It works exactly a shown in the video. It is easy to apply, leaves no residue in perforated seats (when used as recommended), and leaves the leather with an excellent appearance. It is a truly great product.