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Park Smart Stick-On Door Guard

Park Smart Stick-On Door Guard

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When parking becomes a tight squeeze, trust The Park Smart Stick-On Door Guard to protect your car!

When a buddy of mine purchased his new house not long ago, one of the main selling points that drew him in was the two-car garage. He and his wife each had their own parking spots, which felt like paradise. Still, he noticed there wasn’t much room for error when opening car doors. He still had to be careful squeezing into his space, and try not to accidentally slam the door of his car into her car. That became an issue on nights he would get home from work tired or if he was distracted while opening the door. It happens to the best of us. Unfortunately, he did hit her car door one evening, denting and scratching it. This careless error, though a complete accident, ended up costing hundreds of dollars...hundreds that could have gone towards detailing products for weekend projects.

My friend isn’t alone. The risk of having a door slam into your own can happen just about anywhere, be it the busy parking lot of a grocery store or theme park; or even in your own garage. Thankfully you can now prevent this from happening to you, by protecting your doors with the Park Smart Stick-On Door Guard. The breakthrough construction used in the design will ensure that your door is protected from dings, dents, and chipped paint. Like many of the Park Smart products, this door guard prevents damage before it happens while in turn prevents unsightly car wounds and costly repairs.

We’ve broken down some of the key points that make this product outstanding:

Quality Construction. The Park Smart Stick-On Door Guard is made from PVC, which is almost invisible to the eye. The smooth suction cups hold it securely and safely in place. The material can absorb the hardest of blows, leaving your car door damage free.

Versatility. There is no assembly required with this product. The stick-on feature allows you to change the placement of the door guard upon the door itself, or use it for more than one vehicle.

Combats Non-Dexterous Driving. Let’s be honest, some drivers are “depth perception impaired”, and you can never ensure, in a parking lot, that you will not be neighboring their vehicle. Prevent accidental door damage in such an instance with a door guard that replaces fear with peace of mind.

I have received a lot of questions about this product, so I thought I would answer those that were commonly asked:

Q: I have an SUV, and my wife has a sedan. Can I re-position The Park Smart Door Guard to protect at any height?

Max: That’s what is so great about the suction cup feature. You can move, remove, and place this guard wherever impact could occur on the vehicle.

Q: I just bought a brand new car. Should I invest in the door guards?

Max: Perhaps the worst sound that has ever hit my ears, has been the sound of a new car door getting slammed into. It really makes me wince just thinking about it. You should make the investment, as should anyone with a new or used car. Accidents can happen to anyone!

The Stick-On Door Guard measures 25"x 6.5"x 0.63". Comes with a Lifetime Warranty.

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Stick-on Door Protectors
Just received them and they are nice soft plastic that won't harm your paint. I would like to see them offered in more that just the 25 inch size. A 36 inch inch optional size for just a few dollars more would be better since most cars you park next to have 4 doors and may produce contact at other than the 25 inch width. Adding a third suction cup to a longer length is possible with the mold you have.
ProsEasy to install and remove. Soft, so no harm to auto finish. Fat enough so there should never be a door ding after contact.
ConsToo short at 25 inches. There is place for suction cup about every foot ,so 2 is adequate being 1 at each end. I would have liked to see them being 36 inches and 3 suction cups. The majority of cars have 4 doors and 25 inches is a bit short for my liking.
Eagle Pass,Tx
good product
I bought this item due to my kids hitting my truck every time they would get off their mom's car. Leaving my tuck with a lot of scuff marks and a few small dings. Have been using item for a while now and it really protects my vehicle, wish i had seen this sooner!
Fresno Ca.
Door Guards
Works great for the intended purpose. Without the Stick-on Door Guard, it's likely that eventually my wife would ding my door when she opens her car door after backing her car into our garage. I've been using it for nearly 2 weeks, and the 2 suction cups that secure the Door Guard to my vehicle have held in place without falling off. The Door Guard is plenty thick enough to absorb any significant smack from another door.
ProsQuick and easy to install.
ConsQuick and easy to steal if you decide to use it in a public place. If you want to protect the entire length of your vehicle between the front and rear wheel area, you need to apply 2 on each side. It would be nice if the Door Guards were a little longer. Too bad they can't be mounted a little more securely so that you could use them in a public place.
I love this door dent protector!
If you want to protect your pride and joy from those annoying door dents get these protectors. To secure the suction cups just make sure the matting service is clean of any dirt. I keep the protectors in my trunk and use them when I need them. Love them and I plan on ordering another set. Thanks Autogeek!
ProsSave the cost of repairing door dents and paint chips.
ConsJust don't forget to take them off before driving away in a rush:-) Also they can be stolen pretty easy but that a risk you have to take to protect your ride. Being that they're clear in color they blend in pretty well to your car color.
United States
If you put this on your car, be prepared to see it hanging off by morning time. Either wet your suction cups or wet your car first, they don't hold very well.
ProsThey will protect, nice & sturdy.
ConsThey will not hold on more than 6 hours. My experience only.