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Polish Angel Glasscoat Shampoo

Polish Angel Glasscoat Shampoo Keeps your coatings going strong!

Polish Angel Glasscoat Shampoo will help you maintain the incredible protection and hydrophobicity of your ceramic coating long after your coating would otherwise lose those properties. The Silica(SiO2) contained in the formula of Polish Angel Glasscoat Shampoo is also found in almost every ceramic coating on the market today, ensuring a proper bond no matter what brand of coating you have. If you don’t have a ceramic coating, you can still use Polish Angel Glasscoat Shampoo as a stand-alone maintenance wash/protective product!

Ceramic coatings are great for protecting your cars paint from the many dangerous elements to which it is exposed on a daily basis. However, those hazards are not eliminated, they are just not attacking your ceramic coating. The cost of ceramic coatings can sometimes be quite a large investment, so it is worth your while to protect it for as long as possible. The best way to protect them is to replenish the Silica(SiO2) your coating uses as a base ingredient to generate the level of protection you have come to expect. Polish Angel Glasscoat Shampoo also contains the very same SiO2 in its formula, making replenishing your coating’s Silica as easy as washing your car!

Silica is not just exclusive to Polish Angel brand ceramic coatings either, nearly every ceramic coating on the market today uses a Silica base. This means that Polish Angel Glasscoat Shampoo will allow you to upkeep the condition of your ceramic coating regardless of your preferred brand!

If you do not already have a ceramic coating on your car nor do you plan to apply one, Polish Angel Glasscoat Shampoo can still be a great choice for you. The Silica that Polish Angel Glasscoat Shampoo contains will be able to protect your car on its own as well. Providing you the same gloss, protection, and water beading, albeit for a shorter duration.

While Polish Angel Glasscoat Shampoo does do wonders for upping the protection of your coating, we don’t want to gloss over its ability to clean your car. Polish Angel Glasscoat Shampoo contains gentle detergents that will lift dirt and contamination off your car’s surface, making it easy and safe to wipe away with your wash mitt.

Pour 3 oz. of Polish Angel Glasscoat Shampoo into a 5-gallon bucket. Use a strong jet of water to fill the bucket and generate a thick, foamy solution. Soak your preferred wash mitt/sponge/brush in the solution until it is adequately saturated. Wash your way around your car, starting with the roof and working your way down. Be sure to re-saturate your washing tool frequently to ensure proper lubrication and cleaning potential. Rinse the solution off your car with clean, fresh water. Dry your car thoroughly to avoid water spots.

200 ml.