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> P21S Multi-Surface Finish Restorer

P21S Multi-Surface Finish Restorer

P21S  Multi-Surface Finish RestorerThis extraordinary German car polish from P21S will bring back luster and reflective brilliance.

Precision and accuracy are two qualities you can find within many areas of the German car industry, from body design, to highway construction, to car care products. Specially blended formulas are the hallmark of P21S, and the Multi Surface Finish Restorer is positive proof of the dedication that goes into each bottle of P21S products. P21S Multi Surface Finish Restorer is the choice polish for car restoration worldwide, for good reason. It is effective on any car surface, regardless of the level of damage. Here are additional features of P21S Multi Surface Finish Restorer that put it in a league of its own:

Renews Tarnished Vehicles. Why battle with tarnish… eliminate it! This technologically advanced car polish will transform metal and discolored paint, leaving a brilliant, spot free appearance that is sure to turn heads.

Versatility. As the name suggests, P21S Multi Surface Finish Restorer can be used on alloy and wire wheels, bumpers, grilles, and pipes. Chrome, aluminum, and stainless steel on, under, and inside of the vehicle will look brilliant and reflective. Say goodbye to weathered and dingy metal and paintwork!

No Harsh Odors. Other tube polishes have an ammonia odor. This polish does not have a strong scent, which is a welcoming change compared to other polishes.

Effortless Application. P21S Multi Surface Finish Restorer is easy to use. Simply rub out a small amount and use the application pad or towel to cover the area. Instantly, a brilliant new layer of metal shine that was trapped under layers of cloud is visible. Simply rub and restore!

The positive results of this product are frequently discussed in the car restoration and detailing forums. It truly is a beautifier and will forever change the look of weathered and tarnished metal. Many people use P21S Multi Surface Polish for time to time to touch up areas on restored vehicles, and it works equally well on new surfaces. It is an essential addition to any auto detailing arsenal.

100.8 gr. (3.56 oz.) Tube

Manufactured in Germany.

This item cannot be shipped to Europe or the UAE.