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The Original Life Hammer

Peace of mind while driving, life saving in a dangerous situation…The Life Hammer saves lives.

The Life Hammer has an emergency hammer and seatbelt cutter to release you and your passengers from an unsafe vehicle. The Life Hammer is the most popular product of its kind and has been featured on The Today Show.

Thousands of new drivers take to the roadways each year in the United States and other countries. Unfortunately, as the statistics for new drivers rise, so do the statistics for accidents and death. Last year, there were over 41,800 traffic fatalities on United States roadways alone.

Being in an accident is a frightening situation, I’ve been there just as most of us have, and its even scarier if you are trapped within your vehicle. This is a scenario we try not to think about on a daily basis, but peace of mind cannot be fully felt without protecting yourself should such a situation occur. Airbags and safety belts are lifesaving aids, but when your vehicle is in a compromising position, the releases for these devices may not work properly In an upturned vehicle the full weight of occupants body weight on the seat belts makes them virtually impossible to release. In addition, damage to doors may mean that window frames have been wrenched out of alignment and are no longer able to be opened.

Should this happen, The Life Hammer will shatter side windows and cut through safety belts. This product is the safety device chosen by Law Enforcement, the Autogeek family, and hopefully yourself.

The Life Hammer acts fast to get you out of a unsafe vehicle.Some people have asked if the Life Hammer takes up a lot of space. Weighing in at under four ounces, this compact device is easily mounted within easy reach. You won’t know its there, unless you have to use it. The safety features include:

Works on Both Ends. The Life Hammer has a double sided head with hardened steel points that shatter vehicle windows quickly in an emergency. You won’t have to turn the hammer around and lose valuable time if you need to knock out multiple windows.

Includes Hardware for Mounting. A bracket is included to hold The Life Hammer in place and to mount it within the vehicle console so its easily accessible.

Razor Sharp Blade Cuts Easily. This high-quality blade will slice through a seat belt in seconds to free trapped passengers.

Glows in the Dark. Innovation has equipped The Life Hammer with a florescent button for easy retrieval in the dark.

Recently a good friend of mine told me that his daughter had passed her road exam and was now able to drive. As pleased and proud as he was, he was also apprehensive, and wanted to ensure she would be protected should an accident occur. I recommended The Life Hammer and he still thanks me whenever I see him. She hasn’t had to use it, but it was the best gift he could’ve given her. Consider it for any teen driver in your family, as a graduation gift, or for holidays. Any age benefits from the peace of mind this device will provide. Many people purchase The Life Hammer for their older parents who may not have the strength to try to release doors or seat belts after an accident. The Life Hammer is so powerful that very little arm strength is necessary to break a side window to make the vehicle escapable.

I caution you to beware of knock offs. This is pertinent to your safety. Although they may be less expensive, the quality of cheaper devices is not parallel to the parts used in The Life Hammer. When it comes to your life, or the life of friends and family, its imperative you have the highest quality device possible.

The Original Life Hammer

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Redwood City, CA
Fabulous Tool for potentially saving lives!
I've had a Life-Hammer for years and wanted my wife and neighbor to have this fabulous tool. Also I purchased another one for my second car
Buy it and Hope you never need it
This is better than most "window breakers" I have seen! It is long enough and heavy enough to get the job done and very easy to handle. The glow-in-the-dark ability is a nice to have and hope you never need feature, But take note, it only glows on one side so don't place it in the holder with the wrong side up (easy to do).

The holder is really worthwhile using as in the event of an incident where you need to break a side window, the typical "Life Hammer" could be tossed around, missplaced, or trapped in the glove compartment where you can't reach it with your seat belt jammed.
With the supplied holder mounted within reach of BOTH the passenger and driver, you always know where the hammer is and can reach it. It is important to consider this when finding a location to mount it. Then practice reaching and removing it to be sure it is easily accessible.
(BTW, mounting it under the seat may seem like a good out-of-the-way location, but that's almost as bad, if not worse, than not having one!)
Get one for each vehicle you drive!
ProsMountable holder. Holder grips the hammer securely. Two carbide hammer heads.
ConsHolder could be more versatile (non-flush-mounted, for example) so it could be easily mounted in more accessible locations.
Atlanta, GA
Love the fact that you can mount it for easy access!!
life saver
pulling up on a car accident can be nerve racking. I pulled up on one a few weeks back and it helped pull people out of a car that felt that they could not do it them selves.
Life hammer
The life hammer is a life save ... enough said. Everyone should have one. You never know when you may need it.