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Optimum Big Red Wash Sponge

Specialized “cubed surface” for the ultimate wash!

Optimum Big Red Wash Sponge is a large (7x5x3 inches!), porous wash tool that is ultra-safe to use on paint. The cross cut pattern on the sponge creates numerous cracks and “alleyways” that trap dirt and safely remove from the surface of your car. Optimum Big Red Wash Sponge has increased absorbency qualities that keep the sponge soft and malleable during washes. Optimum Big Red Wash Sponge can be used on any surface and may become your next favorite!

Every wash you give your car comes with a slight risk – the risk of instilling light swirls and scratches. But, if you use a washing medium designed specifically for washing, that risk goes down immensely. The Optimum Big Red Wash Sponge uses its unique cross cut design on both sides to draw dirt, dust, and other debris into the sponge and away from your paint. Since there is nothing to drag across the surface and scratch, you’re left with simply clean paint!

Optimum Big Red Wash Sponge holds a lot (a lot!) of water and suds. This allows you to clean a larger panel of your vehicle, without stopping to rinse. And thanks to those channels cut into the surface, you’re not spreading dirt around this large area. Use with a high lubricity, high suds shampoo for a safe and effective car wash.

7 x 5 x 3 inches

Optimum Big Red Wash Sponge

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Gloucester, MA
Controlled Clean
Before this sponge I used a wash mitt to perform my rinseless washes. What I enjoy most about this sponge is the ability to control my wash area. I find this important because after each section I proceed to dry the cleaned surface before washing another area. In my opinion a wash mitt is not nearly as precise as this sponge. Also, sponge has many surface that help with today's curved and angled body panels. I purchased this sponge so that I can wash my two family vehicles in garage during winter.
I was skeptical
I was skeptical at first about using a sponge. However, it works so good with ONR! Believe the hype! The ONR encapsulates the dirt and the BRS just soaks it all up, trapping the dirt and then releasing it immediately when dunked back into the bucket.
Salt Lake City Utah
Better then what I was hoping for
Sometimes you see a product and you hope it is as good as it says. I can say I was very happy with how well this sponge worked. I really like how it can get into very tight spaces. Glad I bought it.
Little smaller than anticipated
I didn't read the dimensions before purchase, but for something called the "big red sponge" it is a bit smaller than anticipated. That's not a bad thing, just odd. Works perfectly paired with ONR. Keep it in a sealed container after use, or if you save your clean ONR solution it can be stored in there. When used properly dirt melts away from the sponge with ease. When it becomes exceedingly dirty, spray it with some power clean.
Pros- Works well with ONR - slotted grooves for better dirt pickup
Cons- Still seems like a lot for just a sponge. Pick it up on sale if you can.
Plain effective
What was once forbidden is now part of my regular wash method. Washing my car the traditional way here in Miami was nerve-wrecking. The heat and humidity meant that unless I was working at Olympic record breaking pace, my freshly washed car would look terrible due to water spots.
The big red sponge (with ONR and rinseless wash method) has made washing the car enjoyable again. I can complete the job in less than half the time, and don't have to carry out the hose and extra buckets.
The sponge has proven durable over the past few months, and is just plain effective at cleaning light-to-moderately soiled vehicles.
ProsEffective One bucket, not two Save on water usage during wash Save on water not having to wash tons of mf towels Durable
ConsExpensive Only two sides for two swipes, than dunk to rinse; mf towels, 4-6 swipes before using another