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Optimum Polish II 32 oz.

Optimum Polish II cuts faster to give your vehicle a smoother, more brilliant finish in less time.

Optimum Polish II has been revised for better performance in OEM applications, which means it works fast! Optimum Polish was already regarded by many as the "perfect polish". Now its even better.

If we could create the perfect polish, it would be really easy to use and fix just about any paint problem. Some hobbyists live for long afternoons spent compounding and polishing, but some of us want to get the desired results quickly and spend the rest of the afternoon cruising in our shiny, clean cars. Optimum read our minds when they created Optimum Polish. That’s it. That’s the whole name, because they only make one polish. They packed all the paint-improving, swirl-removing power they could into one versatile formula that really works!

Optimum Polish II is a thick cream loaded with proprietary polymers and microfine polishing agents that quickly remove – not hide – scratches and swirls to restore your paint to pristine condition. It can be used as a light compound, a swirl remover, and a finishing polish! You might be wondering how one product can serve so many purposes. Well, an integral part of achieving specific polishing results is what pad you use. Optimum Polish II is designed to be used with a machine polisher and the desired pad to deliver the results you want, whatever they may be. If you want to remove light scratches, use a light cutting pad with this polish. If you are interested in refining the paint before you apply wax, use a polishing pad. Your pad selection dictates how aggressively this polish works!

According to Optimum Polymer technologies, Optimum Polish II will remove 1500 sand scratches and lighter at 1000-1400 RPM. Faster buffer speed is not needed with this product. When using a light cut foam pad at 1000-1400 RPM the polish will remove 2000 and lighter sand scratches on most paint surfaces. A final finishing foam pad will remove swirl marks at 1000-1400 RPM. Always apply enough polish to maintain a layer of lubrication between the paint surface and the pad. Wipe off residue by misting the surface with Optimum Car Wax.

Optimum Polish II is a very gentle formula. It will not contribute to new swirls. Use it by hand for pre-wax cleaning or final polishing.

Optimum Polish IImeets all VOC regulations and is body shop safe.

Remove scratches and swirls, and refine your paint with one product. Optimum Polish II’s paint safe proprietary formula allows you to control the aggressiveness of the polish so you always get the desired result.

32 oz.

Optimum Polish II 32 oz.

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By Wikus
December 24, 2010
More than enough for any paint maintenance
This has replaced everything else in my cabinet. With a CCS Yellow pad on my rotary it really can work like a light-medium compound, removing most scratches with minimal/no haze. With orange it will quickly erase any evidence of wetsanding, even 1500 grit. Then I use it on a white pad even with my DA for a perfect finish. It never goes completely dry and a little goes a LONG way. Maybe it's not a great business strategy for Optimum to offer one product that can perform the same tasks as all their others combined, but it's a mistake I certainly benefit from. Wetsanding, this polish, and a wax are all I can ever see needing for most any task. For a show car at concourse you might be able to finish finer, but this is all I need to be happy in the real world.
By Jared M.
September 20, 2010
wonderful polish
fantastic flexibility, just pick the right pad. it can cut and be a finishing polish, or anything in-between. long working time. no dust. pretty much the perfect polish!
By Justin - part time detailer full time enthusiast
April 25, 2007
Infinite working time
a staple polish on my detailing shelf...the working time is infinite and you can even add it to other polishes to increase their working time
By budman3
April 23, 2007
A very nice polish. No dusting and very long work it time. Use by hand, DA, or rotary. Great results.
By Don N.
April 22, 2007
Just right
Good: Leaves a smooth and slick finish. It can take a lot of swirls and scratches off. No dusting. Bad: Not sure why but its hard to get the stuff left on my pad off. Overall: Its my go to polish without a thought.
By Matt
March 18, 2006
very versatile
this polish can be used for various defects depending on which pad you are using. it does not dry out and lets you work it very long. the finish is smooth and very clean and leaves you ready for your next step. the price is also right !