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Dodo Juice Supernatural Wax 200 ml.

Dodo Juice Supernatural Wax 200 ml.

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The all natural wax with the super shine.

Dodo Juice Supernatural Wax is Dodo’s purest, most refined carnauba car wax. The wax is free of artificial colors or fragrances in order to achieve the purest, most effective car wax. With Supernatural, you get all the shine, depth, and protection of a premium carnauba car wax and nothing extra.

Dodo Juice Supernatural Wax is made of clean, pure No. 1 grade carnauba wax imported from Brazil. This carnauba wax is cleaned and refined to create the ivory color you see in the photo. Once applied to a vehicle, the wax dries to a clear, glassy smooth shine that can only be described as supernatural.

Supernatural is a super premium wax containing an enhanced amount of No. 1 grade carnauba. With all unnecessary ingredients removed, performance can be maximized in terms of gloss, protection or durability.

Carnauba wax naturally offers excellent protection against rain, soil and UV rays. The natural, unrefined wax is incredibly hard and durable. Dodo Juice thoroughly cleaned and refined the natural carnauba wax and processed it to create a workable car wax that retains all carnauba’s natural characteristics.  

Apply Dodo Juice Supernatural Wax to any color vehicle to experience a deeper color and more intense shine.


As with any car wax, we’ve found that the best results are obtained on a clean, smooth paint finish. Use a prewax cleaner, like Dodo Juice Lime Prime Pre-Wax Cleanser, to remove old layers of wax and improve the paint’s texture. Then apply a layer of Supernatural Wax using a soft foam applicator or with your bare hands. Allow it to cure for 5-10 minutes. Since the cure time is relatively short, we found it easiest to work in sections. Buff off the wax with a soft Cobra Deluxe Jr. 600 Microfiber Towel. Apply another coat after 1-24 hours if desired.

200 ml. (6.76 oz.)

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Upstate New York
Outstanding Wax
I've used this wax on everything from my tri-coat corvette to my metal flake Harley and have had nothing but outstanding results. Wax applies easy with a DA polisher and easy off after it cures. Incredible depth and clarity to the paint with this wax. I would recommend to anyone.
ProsOutstanding depth and clarity with easy application.
It's Supernatrual!
This wax is nothing less than stellar. I looks great on all colors, but if you have a white, silver or grey vehicle, well it is outstanding. I hadn't used mine for a while and recently got a new vehicle with white flake. I fully prepped the vehicle a month or so ago and used some other products, high end too. Today I decide to put a quick coat of this on the hood. WOW! It was instantly noticeable. The level of shine, wetness and relativity were outstanding. I machine applied it and used very little. It's worth every penny.
Newport Beach, CA
Great Wax!
I have searched and tried many different waxes and I chose this wax. I am glad that I did. It goes on real easy with a Flex 3401 DA with 5.25" Pad. Spreads real easy and thin and is very easy to take off when it cures (dries). The depth it creates is second to none. The was is real hard and you will get many applications with the 200 ml. jar.

You will not be disappointed with this wax. Get it!
ProsEasy to apply either by hand or DA. Spreads real easy in very thin application.
Dodo supernatural wax
I was skeptical to say the least.
I ordered the sample, and tried it on one of my cars.
I have to say it is a very noticeable difference!
The shine is second to none, and I have waxes, polishes ect.. Trust me !
It's pricey, but like my dad always told me,"you get what you pay for"....
It's truly fantastic. I'm ordering the full size.
Great Paste Wax
Great easy to use wax. Even waxed a Marlin 60 rifle with the Supernatural. Worked great on the metal & wood surfaces!