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Large Natural Sea Sponge

Nature’s gift to cars.

If you’ve ever sunken your hands into a wet sea sponge, you recognize the plush texture that rivals the softness of lambs wool, the cushiony resiliency, the porous, absorbent nature which makes a natural sea sponge a choice for shampooing any car. They soak up and hold tons of sudsy water, decreasing the amount of times you have to return to your wash bucket for more lather. There’s something relaxing about sponging off your car with a natural product, rather than a synthetic man-made tool.

Typically, sea sponges come from one of two sources: Florida’s Gulf Coast or the Bahamas. Sponges from the Gulf are far superior in quality; these are the ones that bear the Pinnacle label. When I get the rare chance of sneaking away to the Keys, sometimes I see the commercial sponge boats gathering the sponges that eventually make it here to the warehouse. If you decide to get one of these babies, every time you use it, remember that you’re holding a piece of the Florida Keys.

All sponges go through a rigorous cleaning process before shipping, but you’ll want to rinse well before use to remove sand or other abrasives that may be trapped in any of the hundreds of pores. Once rinsed thoroughly, you can’t beat the quality of a wash you get from a natural sponge. Their superior pliability makes them first-rate for applying consistent, gentle pressure along the surface of the car. Surprisingly, sea sponges are incredibly durable though they feel delicate. These sponges greatly reduce surface scratching by absorbing loosened dirt and grime into the sponge and away from the surface being washed. Once you use a natural sea sponge on your car, truck, RV or motorcycle, you’ll never want to use anything else.

Because they're a natural product, natural sea sponges vary slightly in shape, size and color. They must fall within a 8"-10” range.

Our sea sponges are the same quality of sponge that is used in the nation’s top spas. You’ll want to pair your sponge with a nice shampoo, like Pinnacle Bodywork Shampoo, Wolfgang Auto Bathe, or McKee's 37 Xtreme Foam Formula for the ultimate experience.

Large Natural Sea Sponge

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15 Reviews
73% (11)
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53% Recommend this product (8 of 15 responses)
By Matt
Vancouver Canada
November 12, 2016
Still my favourite washing tool
Ive used microfibre and wool mitts and pads but this is overall my favourite. It lasts a LONG TIME, holds a tremendous amount of water and due to so many tiny nooks and crannies it carries the dirt away from the surface of your car. When you go to rinse it, that dirt comes out very easily unlike some products that its difficult to get the dirt out. A simple rinse, without even using a grit gard will drop out all that dirt. When you first get it just make sure to rinse it very well.
ProsSuper plush when wet Lasts a long time Holds a tonne of water
By David
Houston, TX
May 27, 2015
Excellent product
This product works very well. Only complaint I had was that there were several small pieces of coral or some other hard, sharp substance connected to the sponge, so I had to find and pull those out before using the sponge. Obviously, if the coral has come into contact with my car while using the sponge, the car paint would have been scratched.
Pompamo Beach, Fl
March 25, 2015
Awesome sponge
I have used this 4 times. Have had these before. The size is super big and does the job very well. I just use on the paint. Rinse it and let dry for the next time n
ProsBig, holds a lot of water. Washes the car better than any cloth I ever used High quality sponge Got a feeling will be using this a long time
By Russ
Clevelanf, Ohio
December 21, 2014
Durable without scratching
I am a professional detailer. I have washed 300+ cars with my current sponge and has just begun to break down a little bit. This is the only sponge I will ever use to wash my customers cars with.
ProsDoes not scratch cars surface with a quality soap and proper washing technique. Very durable for long life.
By Rich
North Haven, Ct
August 27, 2014
Sea sponge
Just what I was looking for
By Bobby
Knoxville, TN
August 20, 2014
Car pamperer
I have owned my Natural Sea Sponge for more than 5 years and it is just now beginning to deteriorate. I use it every time I wash my autos (about 30 times a year) and it still performs perfectly. I do rinse the sponge well after each use and it is still very soft and absorbant.
ProsHaving lasted for 5 years, I feel it is a great value.
By Bill M.
Lincoln, NE.
August 20, 2014
Have used other sponges about 1/2 this size. Have dropped many! This is a wonderful size. Covers area and easy to grip. Expensive but worth it.
By Joe G
Los Angeles, CA
August 18, 2014
Great Tool. Random Sizing.
Great tool. It holds a lot of water and is very gentle on the bodywork. Just beware that the size of sponge you receive can be pretty random. The first one I ordered was 9"x7.5"x5" (a pretty large size sponge), but the second one I just received is a measly 9"x5.5"x4" (about 35% smaller) for the same $30.
ProsGreat tool. Very absorbent. Holds tons of water
ConsVery random sizing
By Brian
October 7, 2010
Great product, poor durability.
This product was great when new and soft as can be on the clear coat, but after about 90 days it started losing the spring in its step and its absorbing abilities.
By Andrew
March 14, 2009
This sponge is soft, holds a lot of liquid, and after a full summer, fall, and spring, of washing, it is still in great condition. I first bought the sheepskin mit from this site. It worked horribly. This sponge is much better, lasted longer, and dries more easily.
By Matthew Current
July 5, 2008
Buy one, enjoy washing your car
I would recommend only two products for washing your car. A natural sea sponge and a sheepskin wash mitt in that order. Granted I haven't tried any boars hair brushes or anything fancy like that yet, but so far this product has left the best impression on me. It soaks up amazing amounts of water and really does a great job cleaning off dirt and grime. A word of warning, make sure you have chosen the right car wash soap when you use one of these. Because it has so many tiny pores that once the soap gets in there it never wants to rinse out completely. Still, a joy to work with. Makes washing your car a pleasant experience. Just remember to rinse it out once before using it the first time just to make sure it's contaminant free. Better safe then sorry.
June 28, 2007
car sponge
There is no comparison between a natural songe and the auto stores. I, will never go back to a synthetic sponge again
By Mike
September 20, 2006
Best I've used
I've tried synthetic sponges, microfiber and sheepskin washmitts. They haven't compared to the plushness of the sea sponge. It holds a ton of water/soap, is very soft and rinses clean.
By bla
May 1, 2006
By Harry Meyerz
April 6, 2006
Nature’s gift to cars.
It waz ok.