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Nanoskin Hydrophobic Nano Paste Wax 250g

Nanoskin Hydrophobic Nano Paste Wax 250g

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The perfect fusion of nanotechnology and carnauba!

Nanoskin Hydrophobic Nano Paste Wax is a true hybrid car wax.  It is formulated using nano-sized polymers and high-grade carnauba wax designed to provide continuous water beading, month after month.  Nanoskin Hydrophobic Nano Paste Wax is the perfect fusion between a synthetic paint sealant and a carnauba paste wax.  Nano-sized polymers provide winter-tough durability and real carnauba wax makes your vehicle glow.  Nanoskin Hydrophobic Nano Paste Wax is one of the few paste waxes that can double as both a show-car wax and a winter-wax. 

The most desired trait in a car wax is shine followed by durability.  While carnauba car waxes provide an outstanding depth of shine and water repellency, they have a low melting point which means they’re sensitive to extreme temperatures like those found in southern climates.  Nanoskin understands this which is why they’ve fused real carnauba wax with nano-sized polymers to deliver a car wax that gives the shine and protection sought after by car care enthusiasts in the southern hemisphere.

Nanoskin didn’t forget about those of you that are located in the northern climates either!  Hydrophobic Nano Paste Wax is an excellent choice for a stand-alone winter-wax because the nano-sized polymers are resistant to road salt and strong cleaners.  Apply two coats of Hydrophobic Nano Paste Wax right before winter and your vehicle’s delicate finish will be protected by a blanket of nano-sized polymers.  The immense amount of surface tension created by these nano-sized polymers will help to keep your vehicle cleaner because nothing sticks, except the shine!

Nanoskin Hydrophobic Nano Paste Wax should be applied thin for best results.  From our testing, we’ve found a dampened Lake Country CCS Gold Soft Jewelling Applicator to work best for hand application.  For machine application, a soft foam finishing pad is ideal.  Apply two coats for maximum protection and shine. 

Maintain the shine and protection of Hydrophobic Nano Paste Wax by regularly applying a coat of Nanoskin Hydro Express Spray Polymer.


  1. Rinse car with water to remove dirt and grease, then dry.
  2. Using a clean applicator or soft pad, apply evenly to one section at a time using overlapping, circular motions.
  3. Allow to dry to a haze and wipe off with a clean dry cloth.
  4. Buff lightly for a deep gloss shine.

250 grams


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United States
Applied to a properly prepped, contaminant free surface. Left the tin in the sun, covered, to let the wax warm up making it easier to get it out of the tin and onto the applicator. Worked each panel until the whole car was covered. Once it dried to a haze I started removing the wax, but I wasn't able to finish the job prior to dinner. Went inside, ate, came back out and finished up. No problem, wax came right off.
ProsSuper wet looking, rock hard, shiny paint. Very tacky but comes off easier than it goes on. Streak free shine. Can apply to the whole car, then remove.
ConsLots of elbow grease required to spread this around.
A very dry wax
Bought this to try out and use over another Nanoskin product. Opened it to find the wax very dry not the normal like you see with the Superduble coat. You have to wet your foam pad to get it out of the tin other wise it comes out in chunks and is messy. Also with it being dry it was a bit of pain to try and get on a DA pad to spread.

It does have a good shine/wet look, and goes on easy and comes off easy. Will see how long it last as they seem to say this is up there with Collinite superdouble coat. With it being dry, coming out in chunks when you try to use it , it wasn't something I was expecting at $28 a tin.