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Micro-Restore Microfiber Detergent Concentrate 32 oz.

The only detergent properly formulated for maintaining and restoring microfibers.

Yes, microfibers are machine washable. Completely. But the truth of the matter, is that with all of the polishes, waxes, oils and chemicals that we apply and remove with our microfiber towels, a regular old household detergent doesn’t cut it when it comes to cleaning or restoring them! Microfibers (when new) work so efficiently because each of the millions of individual fibers are microscopically split to allow for superior absorption. The downside to the design is that extracting all of the product that they have absorbed is nearly impossible with a regular detergent. Eventually, the build-up will compromise the cleaning, buffing or polishing efficiency of the microfibers, or worse, cause deterioration or stiffness to set in, thus, reducing the longevity of the microfiber.

I have an ever-growing collection of microfibers--from around the world, different weaves, varying plush-nesses, colors, thread counts (OK, I’m on the verge of obsession). I guess it makes me somewhat of a microfiber junkie—and, believe me, with all my experimentation, the difference that Micro-Restore makes, in comparison to your average laundry detergent, is phenomenal. All the oil, wax and gunk that they soak up—Micro-Restore eradicates, leaving the microfibers in a like-new state--supple and velvety soft. After all, if they’re going to touch the surface of my car, anything less would be a sin!

Micro-Restore is superior for treating, cleaning and preparing microfibers because it is a powerful degreaser—a strong detergent—with the absence of bleach or fabric softeners, both of which mean a certain slow death to microfibers. Micro-Restore works to remove every last bit of product that is naturally absorbed by microfibers—cleaning them thoroughly, opening their “pores” which allows them to do their job to the best of their capabilities—and extending their life.

Micro-Restore’s concentrated aqueous formula is a special blend of surfactants, emulsifiers, chelating agents and water softeners. The combination of ingredients in Micro-Restore has the power to break down all chemicals and heavy residues and remove them. The water softeners in the formula nuetralizes calcium and magnesium in hard water that cause towels to stiffen over time. Micro-Restore is the ultimate cleaner for microfibers because it rids them of all product without ruining their structure. Oh, and did I mention that it is biodegradable?

A variety of uses: Micro-Restore effectively cleans car care products (and other chemicals) safely out of cotton, chamois, even the buffing pads for your orbital or dual action buffer. It emulsifies dirty motor oil, greasy soils, car wax, and protein stains and suspends them for complete removal in the rinse cycle. Restores like new performance through several hundreds of cleanings.

The bottle that Micro-Restore comes in has a handy measuring cup built right in. Two ounces for a full load, one ounce for a small load—Micro-Restore revitalizes any type of cloth, towel or applicator that is loaded with heavy residues and chemicals. Be warned--because it is so strong, if you submerge your hands in the detergent—even when diluted with water—your hands will come out unbelievably dry. Don’t worry, it isn’t toxic, but this characteristic is why it outperforms any detergent and why it works so well! Micro-Restore is safe to use in high efficiency washers.

32 oz.

Micro-Restore Microfiber Detergent Concentrate 32 oz.

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22 Reviews
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14% (3)
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9% (2)
5% (1)
45% Recommend this product (10 of 22 responses)
By Benzina
Western Massachusetts
October 6, 2016
As Advertised
it works: I washed my leather chamois and waffle fiber towel, line-dried, and they were perfect.
By Will
Anapolis, MD
February 15, 2016
Works as described. After washing, towels feel like new.
By Craig Talerico
Detroit area
February 4, 2016
Works good
I have tried a few others but always go back to Micro Restore. Good value
By Ol' RJ
Casa Grande, AZ
June 4, 2015
Powerful !!!
Great products with great prices! Fast shipping. Really removes dirt and restores my microfiber towels.
By Jon L.
Nantucket, MA.
May 6, 2015
Excellent product!
This item has done a great job restoring my microfibers. It was even able to remove stains in some, in some cases. Great stuff.
ProsExcellent product, good price, works well.
By Matt
Chattanooga, TN
February 11, 2015
Awesome stuff!
This product really cleaned some of my old microfiber towels. They have new life again. Great product and best part, it won't leave your washer smelling like it's had heavy duty degreaser in it.
By Joe P
Lewisville, TX
December 27, 2014
Great Product
I used Micro-Restore Microfiber Detergent on some older microfiber towels and it made them like new... Soft and absorbent.
ProsRemoves stains and makes towels Soft and absorbent
By PACoug
Green Bay WI
October 28, 2014
Works wonders for your bath towels too
Micro Restore's chief attribute for doing its job well with microfiber is that it rinses out completely leaving no residue behind. It also dissolves minerals in your wash water, meaning your microfibers will be less "crispy" when they dry. These are great attributes for washing bath towels as well. I have some fancy Matouk towels that have regained their absorbency after a couple runs through with Micro Restore. If you have cloths with special absorbent properties, this stuff deep cleans enough to maintain those properties.
By M491
Eastern PA
October 20, 2014
Good stuff
This seems to go a long way compared to another brand I used previously. It really cleans the microfiber towels nicely and restore the nap nicely. Definitely buying in the future.
Pros little goes a long way
By Zombie
May 7, 2014
worked great
Makes them clean and soft
By Tom M.
September 29, 2012
No effect
I washed three microfiber towels that had only been used one time. Two of them had been used on wheels and had some brake dust, and the third was a QD towel with some minor dirt. The first time through I did a small load with the recommended one ounce. They didn't come out any cleaner, so I ran them through again with 2 ounces. They didn't appear to be any different at all, just wet. I'll try doing a pre-soak next time, but for towels that had only been used one time, this product seemed to have no effect whatsoever.
May 17, 2012
Disappointed in MR
Rants, I have put off the purchase of a dedicated MF detergent for many years now. In the past, I have used Woolite and it has cleaned very well and left the MF towels soft but not to the point where they would not perform their desired task. I received my 32 oz. bottle of Micro-Restore and washed a load of new and a load of used MF towels. Both loads came out of the electric dryer (low setting) with an abundance of static cling and not very soft feeling at all. In fact, the used towels felt worse than ever and the new towels did not feel as if they had been washed. I will try it again with a little more detergent to see if it helps. If not, this was not a wise purchase on my part. Raves, I placed my order on Friday and received my shipment on the following Wednesday morning. Thanks to AG for the quick service. I will be back. JW
By Myles S.
May 10, 2012
I like it, not much more to say
After I started buying higher end microfibers instead of cheap-o AutoZone rags, I decided I should go a step above the generic clothes detergent I normally used for my towels. This doesn't dissapoint. It's not terribly powerful at removing stains, but it does seem to restore the softness and condition of my microfibers. It removes most light stains though, and that's enough for me. Towels come out mostly clean, soft, and ready for the next use, and the price is right. I'm happy, and I'll definitely buy this again.
By Rockey
April 18, 2012
Does not work
I just rerceived the detergent and was very excited to try it. I have used a powdered generic costco for years. I added 2 ounces to a full load of older used micro fiber towels and let the load soak for several hours and than ran it as usual. I felt the water after adding the detergent and it didn't feel like there was any soap in it all. when the load was done I saw absolutely no difference in the towels. They appeared and felt exactly the same as before they were washed used and useless.
By Corey
November 11, 2011
No complaint
I've been using this product for awhile now and had really high hopes for it. It works very well actually and I have no complaints but I can't figure out if I like it more or less than the Pinnacle. I seem to remember liking the Pinnacle more but can't be sure.
By Sean
October 25, 2011
Makes microfibers feel new again
I had recently bought the rolled edge microfiber towels and used them a few times and sent them through a few washes. They definitely didn't feel as plush as they were when new after being washed with laundry detergent and a the Griot's microfiber cleaner. I switched over to this cleaner and those towels are now back to feeling like new again. I'm actually shocked at how well this product works.
By Nate
March 7, 2011
This stuff is great!
I never expected to ever buy a microfiber detergent. But, I decided to try it and picked this one b/c I read about it somewhere. It is great. I am not so concerned about stains coming out. What I love about this detergent is it made my microfiber towels so soft. Definitely a keeper.
By Allen
November 4, 2010
Really does a nice job of making all products like new. I threw up a load of microfibers, glass towels, applicators, and polishing pads and they all came very clean.
By Scott
October 26, 2009
Best Detergent Period
I will be brief and say that I have tried many, MANY different ways to clean and condition my microfiber towels and I have not found anything that is better then this product at removing the stains and making the towels soft. Nothing gets them perfectly clean, but nothing I have found makes them this clean.
By Dalton B.
July 24, 2009
Perfect Product!
I had previously been washing my MF with regular laundry detergent with less than desired results. Upon the first washing with Micro-Restore my MF was truly restored, and lots cleaner than with regular detergent. It removed lots of the stains that were left, and made the towels "charged" like they are supposed to be.
By Seth Harris
January 30, 2008
Microfiber Detergent
Fantastic microfiber towel cleaner. Eliminates even tuff dirt spots and rinses clean quickly. Needs less of detergent than is reccommended...works fine.
By Klumzypinoy
April 3, 2007
The best microfiber detergent
This detergent will clean your microfiber towels AND make them feel soft, fluffy, and new. It won't remove hard stains 100%, but it still takes a lot of them out. I trust my microfiber towels with this detergent. It also doubles up when you want to clean your applicator pads, but it takes longer to clean than foam pad detergents