Motorcycle Polishes & Protectants

Motorcycle Polishes & Protectants

As glorious as it feels to lay your eyes on a shiny new motorcycle, the wonder can quickly fade without the proper protection. Motorbikes are subject to numerous environmental hazards that quickly dull the finish, especially if you’re taking them to a track or an off-road trail.

Once you’ve used premium motorcycle cleaners to remove dirt, oil and grime, apply the right motorcycle polish or coating to restore the like-new look. Like our car waxes and sealants, these products are chosen for their ability to create a brilliant shine that also protects your steel horse. Shop supplies from S100, Pinnacle Natural Brilliance, DP Detailing Products and other established brands in motorcycle care.

The Best Products to Wax Your Bike

A motorcycle has many surfaces packed into a small space, and we’ll help you make all of them shine. Use carnauba waxes for the most impressive deep gloss on paint, glass and plastic or choose motorcycle sealants and ceramic coatings for a year or more of clear protection. If you first need to restore shabby surfaces, use metal polishes, silicone detailers, plastic fine scratch removers and all-in-ones to correct minor imperfections.

Whether you pilot a Harley, cruiser, sport bike or custom chopper,  Autogeek is where shine happens. Our curated products ship fast from our warehouse with competitive pricing for professional detailers and those who just want to enjoy a Sunday ride. We also have the free expert resources for better motorcycle detailing, including our guide to metal and chrome care.