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Mothers Ultimate Hybrid Car Wash

Mothers Ultimate Hybrid Car Wash

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Maintain your gloss with a weekly wash!

Mothers Ultimate Hybrid Car Wash is outstanding car wash formulated to complement their Ultimate Hybrid paint protection products. The Mothers Ultimate Hybrid Car Wash will refresh the super-hydrophobic, liquid-like appearance you get from their Ultimate Hybrid products without having to re-apply them as often! Simply wash your car using Mothers Ultimate Hybrid Car Wash to revitalize your paint and impart even more hydrophobic protection and "Just Coated" shine and gloss!

As much as all of us would like to be able to apply a high-quality protection product to our car and be able to enjoy the gloss and protection forever, that's just not possible. Unfortunately, because our cars are constantly barraged with a slew of hazardous elements, any protection we apply to our cars will eventually be worn away. Apart from never letting your car see the light of day (and even then…), there is no way to prevent this from happening. However, that doesn't mean that it always has to be a chore to reapply that protect! Mothers Ultimate Hybrid Car Wash makes reinforcing that protection easier than it has ever been!

Since washing your car every week is best practice to remove any hazardous materials from your car, you may as well let that wash due double duty with Mothers Ultimate Hybrid Car Wash! Thanks to the advanced formula of Mothers Ultimate Hybrid Car Wash, the gloss, protection, and hydrophobicity of your wax, coating, or sealant will be refreshed as you wash! No extra steps needed! Just wash your car how you normally would, but instead of that standard car shampoo you've been using, use Mothers Ultimate Hybrid Car Wash instead!

Mothers Ultimate Hybrid Car Wash was designed specifically to work in conjunction with the other products in the Mothers Ultimate Hybrid line of products. Each of the products in the line are formulated using similar active ingredients, so you can be assured that they will work together flawlessly! Just one more way Mothers makes your detailing easier than you ever thought it could be!

48 oz.
Mothers Ultimate Hybrid Car Wash