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Mothers Speed Clay 2.0

Faster and easier than detailing clay

Mothers Speed Clay 2.0 is not a clay bar at all. In fact, it’s very different. Mothers Speed Clay 2.0 constructed using a patented rubber polymer that is far more effective than conventional auto detailing clay bars. Making your vehicle’s paint smooth and glossy has never been easier thanks to Mothers Speed Clay 2.0. Use to remove water spots, rail dust, fresh tree sap, and paint overspray. Mothers Speed Clay 2.0 redefines the auto detailing clay bar!

Removing corrosive contaminants is imperative to keeping your vehicle’s paint looking pristine. Water spots, paint overspray, tree sap and rail dust all wreak havoc your vehicle’s paint. Up until now, the best option to remove the aforementioned contaminants was a clay bar. Clay bars, while effective, take forever to use and must be discarded if accidentally dropped. That’s not the case with Mothers Speed Clay 2.0!
Mother's Speed Clay 2.0 is designed to be used with Mother's Speed Spray Wax for a safe paint decontamination that leaves the surface waxed and shining!

Mothers Speed Clay 2.0 is constructed using patented rubber polymer technology. This advanced rubber coating is laminated to an ergonomic palm grip that is comfortable to hold onto, even with wet hands! This coating works to quickly shear off bonded contaminants, including those that are embedded into the paint. This leaves your vehicle’s paint smooth, glossy, and ready for polishing and waxing.

Mothers Speed Clay 2.0 is designed to be used in conjunction with Mothers Speed Spray Wax. Simply mist a panel with spray wax and gently rub the Speed Clay back and forth until the paint is smooth. Wipe the wax with a soft microfiber towel and then move onto the next section.

Mothers Speed Clay 2.0

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Mothers clay bar 2.0
I finally used it and it was a great experience. Cleaned the car like it was supposed to.
Pittsburgh pa
Mothers speed
A great product makes claying easy and fast just follow directions
ProsEasy to use great results
Niwot, Colorado
It grabs and it does the job well
I was impressed how this Mothers Synthetic Clay works.
It really picks up everything on its path and it's quite effective on the sandy rough feel of the paint you get when you ran the palm of your hand over the surface,
I think what I was more impressed on was in its ability to remove overspray, I think that's its forte.
A customer called me to address an overspray issue he had that he was told that only wet sanding would do after a regular clay bar was used, and he was quoted $3,000 to fix it.
Well, I showed up with my Mothers 2.0 and I was blown away how well it removed the nasty overspray. I was sold after that.
I should add that it tends to leave some fine hairline scratches, but nothing a buffing wont remove, I also find out that using a lot of lube will not produce any marring or whatsoever
ProsGreat product and very efficient. It really works well and fast.
ConsMake sure you use plenty lube, spray on the clay bar and on the surface as well before you first make contact with the finish and you'll be fine... Repeat throughout the process...
Baltimore Maryland
Jury's still out?
Having used clay bar before I saw the ad for this and thought why not, anything that makes the job easier. Seems like it worked well but, as one of the reviewers noted, it looks to have left some kind of scratches on my Jaguar, particularly highlighted when it's cold and easily seen when the sun is setting. A hot rod expert (does great paint!) only glanced at it but remarked that detailer should clear it up... it did not. I'm not sure what the next step is... one thing is it's too cold (early March) to worry about at the moment but I do need to line up some solutions to this.
Proseasy to use...
Conseasy to use but at what price... scratches? In the next box [recommend to a friend] I have to say, I'm not sure... it's something of a qualified yes/no answer. But I'll check yes w/ reservations... easy to use and perhaps I did something wrong?
Picked one up on sale at one of the parts stores for around $15 which was reasonable for a try. I have not used anything but real clay before so I have nothing but that to compare this to unfortunately. I did a Ford Flex that had probably a year of typical Arizona weather on it. I did the roof and hood with clay and everything else with this...all in all I think its probably fine but the pad is already separating a little from the backing. Towards the end it left a little streak of what looks like a kid might have done with a crayon. Regular clay wouldn't take it off...ended up using a little mineral spirits. Not sure what that was but it happened when the pad got lifted from being flat so now I will just be careful to insure it stays flat I suppose.

Worth $15 I suppose...fastest "claying" I've ever done. Will look at one of the better ones out there for sure now.
ProsFast and easy.
ConsQuality control...it isnt holding up well after only one car.