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MIRKA WPF Sanding Sheets

MIRKA WPF Sanding SheetsPerfect for wet sanding plastic, lacquers, and automotive finishes!

MIRKA WPF Sanding Sheets are the cream of the crop when it comes to sanding sheets. Bonded using a resin over resin compound and an aluminum oxide/silicone grain, MIRKA WPF Sanding Sheets may be the strongest you ever use. For the ultimately smooth and perfect finish, use MIRKA WPF Sanding Sheets for extreme defect removal.

MIRKA is already known for their advanced abrasive technology, as featured in their Abralon and Microstar Sanding Discs, and the WPF Sanding Sheets continue this trend. Sanding discs are perfect for using a machine, but sometimes hand sanding is required. This is where MIRKA WPF Sanding Sheets come in.

With the ability to be wrapped around a sanding support block, MIRKA WPF Sanding Sheets gives you a uniform finish every time it’s used. The sheets feature a latex impregnated paper backing material and an extra durable coating with specialized water resistant capabilities – something of a must when wet sanding. In fact, WPF actually means waterproof!

Orange peel, extreme deep scratches and other mishaps all contribute to imperfect paint. To achieve the results you desire, you need to employ the best quality tools and supplies available. When looking for the right wet sanding supplies, MIRKA WPF Sanding Sheets is the place to start.

For less buffing time after wet sanding, follow MIRKA WPF 1500 Sanding Sheets with MIRKA WPF 2500 Sanding Sheets.

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