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MIRKA Water Squeegee

MIRKA Water SqueegeeKeep your surface clean while wet sanding!

MIRKA Water Squeegee was manufactured for one specific purpose but actually has much more potential! Originally designed to remove water from your vehicles surface while wet sanding, the MIRKA Water Squeegee will also help dry your paint, windows, and other surfaces in record time! The clear coat safe, 3 inch silicone blade and ergonomic hollow aluminum handle provides a risk free drying and wet sanding tool!

There are two main ingredients when you are wet sanding a vehicle’s painted surface, and they’re pretty self-explanatory – water and sand paper! And we all know how messy wet sanding can get – you have the sludge mixing in with the water, and it just creates a big layer of mess that actually prevents you from evenly sanding the surface. MIRKA (the KINGS of wet sanding) came up with a way to keep things clean while you wet sand – the MIRKA Water Squeegee!

The 12 inch long, hollow aluminum handle is ergonomically correct and easier to grip than other similar tools. The silicone blade is flexible but still does the job of removing debris from the surface easily. This clear coat safe blade also makes the MIRKA Water Squeegee perfect when used as a drying aide during a regular car wash.

MIRKA Water Squeegee will slick right over glass and paint, taking all of the water with it. Then you’ll only need a quick wipe with a microfiber drying towel! Use the versatile MIRKA Water Squeegee for both the rare wet sanding project, as well as the everyday use as a drying tool!

MIRKA Water Squeegee has a 12 inch handle with a 3 inch thick silicone blade.