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> Meguiars Heavy Oxidation Scrub

Meguiars Heavy Oxidation Scrub

Meguiars Heavy Oxidation ScrubScrub your way to a new gel coat finish!

Meguiar’s Heavy Oxidation Scrub is a product designed prep your boat’s gel coat and get it ready for a complete restoration. Meguiar’s Heavy Oxidation Scrub’s specialized solution will fully clean your boat’s surface. Remove chalky oxidation, staining, mold, and even rust from your gel coat simply by scrubbing. The water-soluble formula easily rinses away with a jet of water. Meguiar’s Heavy Oxidation Scrub is just the first step in getting your boat’s finish water ready.

Achieving the perfect finish on your gel coat boat can be tricky process. Not only is gel coat thicker and harder than a car’s clearcoat, but it also seems to happen overnight! And once it’s past the point of no return, it’s near impossible to remove. If you have reached this point, you can start the restoration of your finish with Meguiar’s Heavy Oxidation Scrub. Perfect for prepping your boat’s surface, Meguiar’s Heavy Oxidation Scrub can quickly remove heavy oxidation from your gel coat, fiberglass, and non-skid surfaces.

The gently abrasive formula works to break down the chalkiness that comes with gel coat oxidation. Depending on the severity of your oxidation, additional steps may be required after using Megiuar’s Heavy Oxidation Scrub – but you’ll be one step closer to that finish you’ve been looking for!

Meguiar’s Heavy Oxidation Scrub is water-soluble, meaning that it can be easily rinsed away after use. Even better, Megiuar’s Heavy Oxidation Scrub is biodegradable and won’t leave behind any harsh chemicals or residues. Start your boat’s makeover with a quick scrub from Megiuar’s Heavy Oxidation Scrub.

32 oz.