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Meguiars DA Polishing Power Pack

Restore color and gloss with ease!

What’s the difference between polishing and waxing? That’s a question that often finds its way to our inbox. Polishing is the step that maximizes color and gloss so when you put the wax on, there aren’t any imperfections or contaminants that will hinder the shine. Meguiars makes paint polishing easy with the DA Polishing Power Pack. When used with the Meguiars DA Power System, the DA Polishing Power Pack enables you to polish your paint in virtually no time!

The approach of the Meguiars DA Polishing Power Pack is simple: pair one of the best polishes around – Meguiar’s Ultimate Polish – with a high-quality Meguiars foam polishing pad and use the two with the Meguiars DA Power System and you have a recipe for smooth, shiny paint. The Meguiars DA Polishing Power Pack removes light swirl marks, oxidation, and maximizes gloss so your wax or sealant can reach its full potential.

The secret lies within Meguiars Ultimate Polish, a world-renowned polish that effortlessly removes light swirl marks and oxidation, maximizing color and gloss. The ultra-fine abrasives level the surface so light is perfectly reflected instead of being distorted. The smoother the paint, the greater it will shine. It’s only an added bonus that Meguiars Ultimate Polish is a true pleasure to work with because it doesn’t dust or cake up.

Note: The Meguiars DA Polishing Power Pack is the second step in paint restoration. If the paint is heavily neglected, first use the Meguiars DA Compound Power Pack. Once you polish the finish and optimize gloss, lock in the shine with the Meguiars DA Waxing Power Pack.

Kit includes:
4 oz. Meguiars Ultimate Polish
4 Inch Yellow polishing pad


Meguiars DA Polishing Power Pack

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Meguiars DA Polishing Power Pack