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Meguiars D140 Wheel Brightener

A professional grade wheel cleaner for factory coated wheels!

How does the body shop always get your wheels so clean? You’ve tried to replicate those results at home, but your wheel cleaner always falls short. We’ll let you in on a little secret; the professionals use Meguiar’s Wheel Brightener.

Meguiar’s Wheel Brightener is a super concentrated wheel cleaner for clear coated, factory painted, and chrome wheels. It easily removes brake dust, tar, dirt, and grime with little or no scrubbing. With a dilution ratio of up to 4:1, Wheel Brightener is an easy choice for cost-conscious detailers. You can get sixteen 32 ounce bottles of wheel cleaner out of one gallon of Wheel Brightener!

Meguiar’s Wheel Brightener is for professional use. Dilute as directed. Do not use on polished aluminum or anodized wheels. For severe accumulation of brake dust, use a wheel brush to agitate the wheel surface. Spray on and let sit for 30-45 seconds before rinsing. Wash one wheel at a time.

As Meguiar’s says, there’s a fine line between effective cleaners and dangerous chemicals. Meguiar’s Wheel Brightener is one wheel cleaner that is both safe and effective on factory coated wheels.

128 oz.

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Meguiars D140 Wheel Brightener

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By prf76
West Yorkshire, England
August 10, 2017
Best Wheel Cleaner I've Used
I've been using Meguiar's Wheel Brightener for some time now, and having tried several other wheel cleaners, I can honestly say this is the best one I have tried. The reasons I like it so much are two fold: 1: VALUE. It comes in a 3.78 litre bottle which you dilute 4:1 (4 parts water to 1 part Wheel Brightener) giving you a total of 18.9 litres of wheel cleaner! 18.9 litres for approximately £30! Compare that to Meguiar's ready mixed Hot Rims Wheel & Tyre Cleaner which is £10 for 710ml, and you see what a bargain this is. 2: CLEANING POWER. You llitteraly spray it on, leave it 30 seconds or agitate with a brush, then rinse off, that's it. Your wheels are left gleaming. Yes it's an acid based cleaner so I would imagine it will strip any sealants / waxes you put on your wheels, but if you clean them once a week with this stuff, you won't need to seal / wax your wheels. It won't get the absolutely baked on bits of dust off, you'll need a separate product for that, but if you've got clean wheels and want something for cleaning them on regular basis, look no further. I have uploaded the below video to YouTube to show how effective this was in cleaning my alloys that I had purposely not cleaned for 4 weeks: https://youtu.be/1y8SVQLNFuM
ProsGreat value at 4:1 dilution Works extremely fast Works very well
By Craig Talerico
hopefully in a place where Donald Duck cant screw
November 10, 2016
Cleaned well
Took all the muck muck off my rims after driving through construction site. I needed to use the brush along with this to get them clean but i do that most times. I think it is a good product for the price you pay.
ProsGood value
By Scott
Lexington, NC
November 9, 2016
Great Product..... Time Saver on the wheels!!!!
By Geoff
Baltimore, MD
October 19, 2016
Great Wheel Cleaner
I finally tried this. I have read this has acid in it, and was afraid of it. If there is acid in this, it didn't hurt my hands when I used it, but the wheels look brand new. Buy this, you will really like it.
ProsCleans very well.
By Paul
Montreal, Canada
July 25, 2016
Some real wheel cleaner
When you've got some heavy brake dust and yellow staining from neglect and/or winter use, nothing in the gentle "PH-balanced" category will work like this old-school stuff. Yes it's not ideal for your health and I wouldn't want to be using it day in & day out, but when used with some agitation with a wheel brush, the result is fantastic. And I don't have to be sparse with applying it because it's so economical when mixed 4:1. Highly recommend.
ProsGets the job done right and does the heavy lifting.
ConsToxicity compared to non-acid cleaners, wouldn't want to breathe it in regularly.
By Matthew
Tampa, FL
February 29, 2016
Not sure how much better it gets
With the results you get from this and the price point, not sure how you would choose to go with anything else. The rims come out sparkling like not even a speck of dirt has ever touched them. Any rim I've used this on looks brand new afterwards (unless the rim has never been cleaned in many years - then thats another story).
By Jim dreiling
Camarilli, CA
March 24, 2015
works well
It works well enough. It still took lost of elbow grease to get these 1992 wheels clean enough to repaint.
By David James
United States
August 28, 2014
Another GREAT product from Mequiars......
Great results ! A must for easy break dust removal.
By Buddy
July 11, 2014
Wheel brightened
This product is designed to get the brake dust off your wheels. It works very good. I lo ve meguiars products.
By Walter
Jacksonville Florida
April 25, 2014
Mediocre at best
This product does not work as advertised. I get better results with a Brillo pad and a bottle of .99 dishsoap.
ProsIt removed the light brakedust and left the wheel nice and shiny.
ConsDid not remove the hard baked on brakedust even after being left on the wheel for 10 minutes.
By dcjredline
February 24, 2014
Love it!!
OMG this stuff is awesome,Not for use on Aluminum wheels but everything else it KICKS BUTT on! My new go to when wheels come in that are TRASHED.
ProsStrong, Makes wheels bright!!
ConsNot safe on all wheels, toxic to user so take precautions.
By dcjredline
November 19, 2013
Really likeing this
even though this is not good for uncoated aluminum wheels I think its GREAT for those DD coated wheels. Takes off grime most other cleaners wont.
By Ml Norway
August 28, 2012
D140 the brake dust killer
This wheel cleaner is the best i have ever used. it killed the brake dust and made my wheels shiny clean. it even removed rust from my brake disc. this is the BEST Wheel cleaner!!!!!
By Chris
November 12, 2011
Secret weapon
I've had a few people come to me asking what can be done to their wheels. They have tried other wheel cleaning products that havent been able to cut through the brake dust left on their wheels. The effort with light brushing and a minute of dwell time ends with the shine and cleanliness rivaling a new wheel.
November 9, 2011
Not a better wheel cleaner out there
If you have wheels that are BAD DIRTY, this is the stuff to use. None of the color changing products can touch some of the stuff this stuff will clean. Granted this cleaner is not safe for all wheels, but you aren't going to find one any better 9in cleaning ability) I don't think.
By Sam
September 15, 2011
Good Stuff
Dilute to your strength requirements. Works great! Took off brake dust that $25 bottles couldn't do. I mix two bottles. One weak and one strong. Good deal for a gallon that can dilute to make many gallons.
By Chris
June 1, 2011
Safe and Easy
I dilute this product approximately 4:1 (I don't measure it out perfectly every time) and it works fantastically. Spray on, let it sit for a couple tens of seconds, brush it, and rinse. Works great on wheels, tires, wheelwells, undercarriage areas, and chrome. For less than $20/gallon, you can't go wrong.
By Detail
September 29, 2010
Cheap and Powerful
First off, DO NOT GET THIS ON YOUR HANDS, or feet, or legs. If you do, wash it off quickly. Other than that if you have factory wheels you will not find a product that removes brake dust quicker. Super awesome on chrome, painted factory wheels, and clear coated aluminum. Spray, agitate, blast off. Note, will stain your driveway a little if not rinsed off. Dilution rate makes this uber cheap when compared to other cleaners. And I use it everytime I clean my BBS wheels (2x a week) with no problems.
By Thomas
May 10, 2007
While this product may be effective, it contains Ammonium Bifluoride which can have serious long term effects on your health. Please read up on this chemical before you consider using, e.g. here: http://www.carwash.com/article.asp?IndexID=6631269 . There are so many safe and effective alternatives today.
By Mark P
March 30, 2007
I bought this after hearing professional details refer to it all the time as the absolute best occasional wheel cleaner to get wheels back to pristine condition. Boy are they right! This is a product I use once a twice a year. As I understand it's not good to use frequently as it can eat away your wheel finish. However, it also completely melts dirt/tar/and brake dust no matter how baked on it is...is really is amazing. Spray on, run a wheel brush over your rims and rinse. Perfectly clean. No scrubbing or anything needed.
By belcherm58
April 16, 2006
Great Wheel Cleaner
I used this mixed 4:1. I did a great job on my coated aluminum wheels. Meguiars suggest not to be used on uncoated aluminum. Read the cautions and use it. You love the results.
By Matt
March 18, 2006
a real time saver
this product really works fast and will leave the worst looking wheels appear new again. it is a true spray on and rinse off product. please read cautions as this is a serious product and should only be used on the wheels that are deemed safe by Meguiars. for the serious detailer this is a real time saver. considering you can mix this 4:1, a little goes a long way.