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Meguiars Mirror Glaze #6 Cleaner/Wax

A carnauba wax shine without spending paste-wax time!

Meguiar's #6 Cleaner Wax is your ideal choice. It is actually made from genuine carnauba wax, so you can enjoy the maximum shine and protective benefits of a true carnauba finish. However, the experts at Meguiar’s saw the need to develop a blend that would polish, wax, and shine all in one simple-to-use step. Let’s face it, most of us just don’t have the time to spend even a few hours detailing our cars, though we might like to. Life seems to become more and more hectic with each passing season--between professional, family, and social responsibilities…. Often we find ourselves spread so thin that even when we do get the opportunity to attend to the surface care needs of our vehicles, we need to complete the process swiftly. And that is where Meguiar’s #6 Cleaner Wax comes in!

Don’t worry, you won’t sacrifice a great finish or long lasting protection with #6 Cleaner Wax. At Meguiar’s, they understand that they’re only as good as your car looks! Just because you’re pressed for time doesn’t mean you’re willing to settle for anything less than perfection. #6 Cleaner Wax applies like melted butter--it rubs on with ease and can be administered by hand or by orbital polisher. Either way, it goes on rapidly and dries quickly. The built-in polishers work double duty to clean up minor imperfections and swirls while they pull residual dirt up and away from the surface. Talk about efficiency! The haze that forms (as with all waxes) is especially easy to remove with Meguiar’s #6 Cleaner Wax. It wipes clean with minimal effort and reveals a shine that is so reflective, sunlight seems to dance upon the paint!

You’ll be amazed at just how easy obtaining a crystalline finish can be! This Cleaner/Wax is for those of us who adore our cars and want to baby them, even though the responsibilities of life beckon us in other directions. Few of us can enjoy countless hours of detailing bliss, and we envy those who can--but for the rest of us, there’s Meguiar’s #6 Cleaner Wax. It’ll make your car look as though you did spend countless hours polishing and waxing. Don’t worry the secret is safe with us!

16 oz.

Meguiars Mirror Glaze #6 Cleaner/Wax

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Rochester Hills, Mi
Timeless Classic
I remember a couple of specific instances where M06 really came in to save the day.

The first was working in the summer sun. I tried two other similar products reported to work well in the sun. But they didn't. They either dusted and/or left some horrible streaking. Because I was across the street from my house, I went home and grabbed this classic all in one. Once I got set up I was greeted with a perfect application using a black Buff and Shine pads on a PC 7424xp. It also delivered much better defect removal compared to the others I tried. It also removed clean and easy.

The next time, temperature was in the upper 30's - lower 40's. I took 3D Speed and orange Buff and Shine pads. It just wasn't working. Wouldn't spread at all. Being an hour away from home base, I took a trip to the auto parts store, and grabbed another bottle of M06, and it worked like a charm.

Overall M06 is still an effective, viable product in an industry that seems bent on throwing product in people's faces every year. It delivers with effortless consistency every single time.
Pros Easy application, effortless removal Can actually do some light correction Can remove light oxidation Slick finish Great Gloss More durable than expected. Works in the sun Works in the cold
Bellingham, WA
Wonderful shine
I have a white car. After using Mirror Glaze #9 to take out some watermarks, applying #6 gave the car a deep shine.
ProsEasy to use and remove.
Great product
This is a great cleaner / wax for times you don’t need a full clay,polish wax job.
Atlanta, GA
Quick and easy to use with great results
Used this under recommendation from a friend. It's super easy to use and leaves fantastic results. It's not a 3 stage correction but it does the job. I've had great luck with dark colors. I like using on cars that people just want clean and shiny but don't want to spend a bunch of money. Used it on 4 cars and each time the results are great.
Proseasy to use deep gloss results decent life
Consnot much correction ability but don't think that's what it's gear towards
Helena, Alabama
Fantastic Shie
I'm getting up in age and no longer want to spend all day cleaning, polishing and waxing my cars. I have relatively new cars with paint in pretty good condition. I've used Turtle Wax Ice liquid wax, old fashioned Turtle Wax liquid hard shell wax, and Mequiars ColorRx at various times in the past. I decided to give Mirror Glaze # 6 cleaner wax a try. This was was a little harder to apply than ColoRx but was just as easy to remove. The depth of color and shine produced by Mirror Glaze # 6 was much deeper ans shinier that that produced by any of the other waxes that I've used in the past. It was easy to remove and buffed out to a fantastic shine. This is a great one step clear wax. I highly recommend if your paint does not have any major defects.
ProsEasy to use. Produced fantastic depth of color and shine. Produce was ordered from Auto Geek. Very fast delivery to my location.
ConsNone noted