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McKee’s 37 Tar Max Tar Remover

The easy solution to a very difficult problem!

McKee’s 37 Tar Max Tar Remover is designed to enable the quick and effortless removal of difficult to remove tar, adhesive, traffic film, grease, and asphalt from your paint. McKee’s 37 Tar Max Tar Remover is formulated using non-acidic solvents and cleaners that will ensure your clear coat is spared the risk of damage that other, harsher solvents impose. Being that it accomplishes its cleaning chemically, McKee’s 37 Tar Max Tar Remover allows you to eliminate tar and other contaminants without the use of dangerously abrasive clay bars. McKee’s 37 Tar Max Tar Remover makes cleaning tar as easy as using an instant detailer!

Tar, or more commonly asphalt, is an incredibly effective adhesive aimed at making sure our roads and highways stay intact and operable. However, when that adhesive melts on a hot day and is flung onto your car’s paint, it can cause quite a dangerous mess. Not only is this mess unsightly, but because tar is so adhesive, it will risk tearing off your clear coat or even your paint should you try to remove it incorrectly. This is why removing tar from your paint should not be an exercise of brute force, but rather an exercise of the correct cleaner. McKee’s 37 Tar Max Tar Remover is the perfect product to dissolve the tar that plagues your paint and safely, and gently, remove it from your car’s delicate paint surface. Meaning you won’t have to resort to the use of razor blade or an aggressive clay bar to keep tar from ruining your paint’s shine!
With a simple spray on, wipe off cleaning process, McKee's 37 Tar Max Tar Remover will make cleaning tar off your paint as easy as using an instant detailer!

Other tar removers rely on cheap, dangerous solvents that are just as likely to dissolve your clear coat as they are the tar on top of it. While McKee’s 37 Tar Max Tar Remover is outstandingly effective at quickly dissolving tar, it will not pose any risk to your clear coat or paint in the process. This is thanks to the advance, acid-free solvents that are used in its formula. These solvents are graded to be perfectly safe for use on even the thinnest, softest clear coat out there! Tar is not the only dangerous mess that McKee’s 37 Tar Max Tar Remover is adept at removing and eliminating. You can use McKee’s 37 Tar Max Tar Remover to remove a wide variety of other sticky mess and stains that are just as risky to remove as tar. McKee’s 37 Tar Max Tar Remover will just as easily dissolve traffic film, grease, and other adhesives from your paint with no added risk!

Make sure the surface you are going to be working on is cool to the touch. Apply an ample amount of McKee’s 37 Tar Max Tar Remover to a microfiber towel and directly onto the surface of the paint. Rub the surface of your paint gently to allow McKee’s 37 Tar Max Tar Remover to dissolve the tar so it can be safely absorbed by the microfiber towel. Use a different, clean microfiber towel to buff off any remaining residue and cleaner. If tar remains on the surface, repeat this process until the tar is effectively removed.

16 oz.

McKee’s 37 Tar Max Tar Remover

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Atlanta Ga
Tar Remover
Fantastic product almost works instanly
Naples, FL
McKee's37 Tar Max
Tarminator has long been my go to tar remover. I tried some Tar Max and it now sits in the front of my shelf. My new go to! Easy to use, pleasant smell, and strong tar killing power. It is also very easy to use since it is not an aerosol. Great product!
ProsEasy to use Smells good Cuts tar easily
Didn't work
I had some tar on the rockers of my 2013 pickup. Tried using this stuff as directed and it wouldn't take any off. It's been on for a couple of weeks. Used my wax/grease remover and it came right off. Should off just used that and not wasted my money. This is the first time I've not been happy with a mckees product.
ConsDidnt work