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Mothers Marine PowerPlastic Plastic Polish

Mothers Marine PowerPlastic Plastic Polish

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Clean, clarify, and protect marine plastics in one quick step with Mothers Marine PowerPlastic!

Mothers Marine PowerPlastic Plastic Polish polishes and protects plastics in one simple step. Remove yellowing, haze, spots and scratches from marine eisenglass, windscreens, and other plastics. The user-friendly formula restores marine plastics to a like-new color and shine.

When do you get the most use out of your boat? Most likely, it’s during the summer when the sun is beating down. UV rays, as well as exposure to fresh and salt water, cause plastics to oxidize and fade over time. Regular maintenance with a quality polish and protectant is your boat’s best defense.

PowerPlastic features a special blend of oxidation-inhibiting polymers, UV shields and an ultra-fine polish that work in unison to clean and clarify your boat’s clear vinyl, hard and soft plastic surfaces. The micro abrasives are gentle on clear and colored plastics, and they will not leave haze or marring. The long-lasting polymer protection will maintain the shine for weeks!

When used in combination with a Mothers Marine PowerBall and your electric drill, PowerPlastic removes oxidation and surface scratches with ease. Check out Mothers Marine PowerBall and Marine PowerBall Mini for easy application options. The PowerPlastic formula is so flexible that you can even use it by hand.

Don’t let premature yellowing, fuzzy micro-scratching, and aging plastic take away from your boat’s appearance. Mothers Marine PowerPlastic renews marine plastic surfaces and protects them for lasting beauty..

Directions with a PowerBall:
  1. Apply an ample amount of PowerPlastic directly to your Mothers Powerball.
  2. Apply Powerball to plastic surface and start machine slowly by feathering the trigger on your drill.
  3. Begin working in all directions, a full 360 degrees, from starting point to create uniform coverage.
  4. Add small amounts of PowerPlastic, as uniform coverage diminishes, to create another starting point.
  5. Buff off polish residue with a microfiber towel.
Directions by hand:
  1. Apply a small amount of polish to a microfiber applicator. Polish thoroughly. Apply to one section at a time, overlapping your passes.
  2. Allow polish to dry, the buff off residue with a microfiber towel.
  3. Heavily stained or soiled areas may require additional applications.

8 oz.

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Mothers Marine PowerPlastic Plastic Polish