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Marine 31 Universal Pad Washer

Clean, degrease, restore and renew all buffing pad types!

The Marine 31 Universal Pad Washer is one of the best investments you can make in boat polishing and waxing.  This ingeniously designed pad washer cleans, degreases, restores and renews buffing pads of all types, including foam, wool, and microfiber pads.  Designed and manufactured in the USA, the Marine 31 Universal Pad Washer represents quality and ingenuity. 

Marine 31 Universal Pad Washer cleans buffing pads of all types!
Before: Caked on oxidation and spent compound residue
Marine 31 Universal Pad Washer works with all buffers and polishers!
During: Cleaning a pad takes seconds!
Marine 31 Universal Pad Washer makes your pads look and perform like new!
After: Pad looks, feels and performs like new!

“How come I didn’t think of that?”: These are the words that will come to mind the first time you use the Marine 31 Universal Pad Washer.  With the power of your dual action, random orbital or rotary polisher, the Marine 31 Universal Pad Washer deep cleans buffing pads of all types, leaving them looking, feeling and performing like new.  Using the Marine 31 Universal Pad Washer is as simple as inserting the pad into the pad washer and turning it on.  The grid insert will do all the work for you – just hold on and smile!

Spent residue and oxidized gel coat is a buffing pad’s worst nightmare. If you neglect to clean your pad after section, the chemicals in the polish combined with the oxidized gel coat will get caked up on the pad, affecting its integrity and mechanical cutting ability. When you go to use that pad for the next pass, your compound will not be as effective, making the process of polishing your boat a tedious and seemingly endless process. With a few quick pumps of your polisher, the Marine 31 Universal Pad Washer will remove spent residue and oxidized gel coat, leaving your pads looking and feeling new!

The Marine 31 Universal Pad Washer works with polishers of all types, including the Cyclo, Porter Cable 7424XP, Meguiars G110v2, FLEX XC3401, DeWalt DWP849X, Makita 9227CX and more!  The grid insert’s large diameter allows pads of all sizes to make contact, no matter how big the orbit.  The top of the pad washer has a conveniently placed opening lid that makes inserting rotary polishers with big wool pads quick and easy.  The Marine 31 Universal Pad Washer accommodates all dual action, random orbital, rotary and circular polishers.

The Marine 31 Universal Pad Washer does not require any manual adjustment to work.  Simply place the polisher into the pad washer and the spring-loaded grid insert automatically adjusts to the height of the tool.  All you have to do is press down on the polisher and turn it on!  The downward force pumps water and cleaner upward to help break up and release stubborn compound, polish and wax residue.  Your pads will look new again after every cleaning!

But wait, there’s more!  Not only does the Marine 31 Universal Pad Washer remove stubborn compound and polish residue from all types of buffing and polishing pads, it dries them as well!  Simply lift the pad out of the water and raise the speed setting slightly. Allow the pad to spin until the excess water has been removed.  The lid will prevent any water or cleaner from getting splattered onto your clothing. 

For best results, use Marine 31 Polishing Pad Cleaner with the Marine 31 Universal Pad Washer.  This citrus-based degreaser is the most concentrated pad cleaning solution available.  It will help release and dissolve caked-on compound, polish and wax residue as you use the Marine 31 Universal Pad Washer. The Marine 31 Universal Pad Washer includes a screw-on, sealable lid that you can tote your detailing supplies in.

Pad Cleaning Tips:

  • Keep the pad’s Velcro® brand backing out of the water when using the Marine 31Universal Pad Washer.
  • When using a dual action polisher, make a mark on the backing plate with a permanent marker. This mark will indicate to you when the pad has made a full rotation. If it is not rotating, lighten up your pressure.
  • Fill with the appropriate level of water. Press down on the grid insert until the springs are fully compressed. Fill until the water level reaches just above the Insert. When you press down on the grid insert with the polisher, the springs will pump water upwards to the pad.
  • Always operate the pad washer with the Splash Guard closed.
  • For heavily soiled pads, spin the pad in the pad washer for 10 seconds to thoroughly wet it. Then spray on the Pad Renewing Solution and let it penetrate for 1 minute. Then use the pad washer again to clean the pad.
  • Always use the Marine 31 Universal Pad Washer with the polisher on its lowest setting for cleaning. You can use a slightly higher setting for drying.
  • Move the polisher around inside the pad washer to be sure all parts of the pad are cleaned.

Made in USA.

Marine 31 Universal Pad Washer

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Lititz, PA
As expected
Product is what I expected, although I still think any of these is overpriced. These would sell even better if they were more affordable. I waited until there was a 25% off of anything on the site before I purchased. I almost built one myself but there were parts that I thought probably wouldn't hold up so well under everyday use. Does a good job even on old pads that I had given up on. Cleans well, just make sure you change out the water when it gets too dirty and don't leave the dirty water sitting in the product too long. It makes it easier to clean pads rather then doing it by hand.
ProsFaste,r easier, less mess, less time.
ConsWaaay to expensive!!!