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Lexol Premium Protectant for Rubber & Vinyl 10 oz.

Dual silicone action absorbs easily and protects better!

Lexol Premium Protectant makes rubber and vinyl interior surfaces look new again! The 60 SPF protectant penetrates below the surface to restore and protect on a deeper level. Your vehicle’s cockpit will have an impressive luster and lasting protection after just one application of Lexol Premium Protectant.

Lexol Premium Protectant for Rubber & Vinyl was developed by the makers of Vinylex. With their extensive knowledge of surface protection, their chemists developed Lexol Premium Protectant to be both protective and beautiful. It creates the kind of high luster that so many car owners prefer, yet the finish is not greasy.

The secret is Lexol’s Dual Silicone Action. Homogenized silicones penetrate below the rubber and vinyl’s surfaces to provide total protection. Unlike products that sit on top of the surface, Lexol Premium Protectant gives you that surface protection and shine plus subsurface protection that lasts. Rubber and vinyl are protected inside and out.

As interior rubber and vinyl ages, it dries out and cracks as a result of UV degradation and loss of plasticizers. Lexol Premium Protectant has an SPF of 60! That’s more UV protection than any comparable interior protectant. This powerful UV protection maintains the look and feel of interior surfaces. Prevent drying, fading, and cracking!

Lexol Premium Protectant is so easy to use. Just wipe it onto the dash, console, trim, and door panels. The dual silicone formula penetrates below the surface and leaves a beautiful satin finish. Use a microfiber applicator pad to apply the protectant. The microfiber will grab any dust and it does not leave lint.

Keep your vehicle’s interior looking sharp over the long haul with Lexol Premium Protectant for Rubber & Vinyl.

10 oz.

Lexol Premium Protectant for Rubber & Vinyl 10 oz.

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Lexol Premium Protectant for Rubber & Vinyl 10 oz.