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Leather Master Aerosol Leather Degreaser 300 ml.

Transform oil into powder for easy removal!

Leather Master Leather Degreaser is a remarkable aerosol spray that removes skin and hair oils from leather upholstery to eliminate stains and discoloration. Leather Degreaser dissolves oils and transforms them into a powder that is easily vacuumed up. High traffic leather seats will look better than ever!

Leather is easily stained by people's natural body oils and perspiration. That's why leather seats tend to discolor on the armrests and anywhere that leather comes into contact with bare skin. As time passes, these stains become harder to remove. Leather Master Leather Degreaser is formulated to pull oils out of leather, restoring the original color where possible.

Leather Master Leather Degreaser is applied through a spray. It dissolves the oils and transforms them into a powder. This powder is wiped or vacuumed off, taking with it the oils and grease. Use Leather Master Leather Degreaser on auto upholstery, leather furniture, and leather goods.

A grease or oil stain that has built up gradually over several years may take multiple applications to remove. Stains left untreated for a long time may have caused additional challenges like loss of color, cracks in the finish, or peeling of the leather. These issues can also be resolved with products like dye colorant and aniline dye. Please read all instructions before starting your application.

Directions: If the grease stain is concentrated in one area or spot, cover the surrounding, unstained area that is not to be treated.

When possible, you will achieve better results by spraying the backside of the leather to increase the drawing out of the grease. The backside is more absorbent than the grain side.

Shake the can before using. Spray Leather Master Leather Degreaser at a distance of 12in/30cm from the leather, feathering from the center of the stain to the outside. Allow the white powder to dry fully. If the powder is drying to a yellow color, it means that there are still a lot of oils in the leather.

Vacuum the powder away to see if all the oil is removed. For saturated areas, it may take several applications because the powder has limited absorption capabilities per application.

When you are satisfied with the removal and have vacuumed away the powder, clean with Leather Master Leather Cleaner to remove any residual powders. For aniline or nubuck leathers, dry the area with a blow dryer, then massage and knead the leather to prevent ringing effects.

Apply Leather Master Protection Cream for type A or P leathers. For nubuck leather, use the Nubuck Cleaner and then a Nubuck Cleaning Cloth. As a final step, apply the Nubuck Protection Spray or the Nubuck Eco-Protector to help prevent future stains.

300 ml. aerosol

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Leather Master Aerosol Leather Degreaser 300 ml.

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Leather Master Aerosol Leather Degreaser 300 ml.