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Lake Country 1-Pad Foam Pads

Lake Country 1-Pad Foam PadsLake Country 1-Pad Foam Pads will change the way you think about buffing pads. With the 1-Pad System, the backing plate provides the cushion, heat buffering, and flexibility normally provided by the pad. Therefore, 1-Pad foam pads are slimmer and more cost-effective. In fact, 1-Pad foam pads are designed to be thrown away after every use! If you love the feel of using a fresh foam pad, now you can experience that every time you detail. The Lake Country 1-Pad Polishing Pad System offers the benefit of using a fresh, clean pad every time but, most importantly, it saves you time. No more scrubbing pads after every job. Just toss them out and start fresh with a new Lake Country 1-Pad.