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Kenotek Leather Cream

Kenotek Leather CreamMakes sure your leather stays soft and supple!

Kentotek Leather Cream will simplify your leather care routine by combining the cleaning and conditioning into one easy step. Even though Kentotek Leather Cream makes it simple to care for your leather, the quality of results you’ll receive still rival traditional two-step leather care systems. Kentotek Leather Cream does not leave behind any greasy film on your delicate leather. The only thing left behind by Kentotek Leather Cream is an authentic leather scent!

Leather is many things, beautiful, soft, and very expensive, but easy to care for is not one of them. Leather requires a special touch to ensure that it is properly cleaned and conditioned without any harm befalling it in the process. Kentotek Leather Cream will do exactly this. Kentotek Leather Cream is carefully formulated using extremely sensitive cleaner agents and conditioning elements that will make sure your leather never has to face the wrath of aggressive chemicals!

The majority of the leather care systems on the market today involve two separate steps in order to achieve high-quality results. This can make your entire leather care routine quite time consuming and inconvenient. This is especially true if you are a professional detailer. Having to do two separate steps requires more time, which reduces the efficiency with which you are able to detail the high volume of cars you experience as a professional detailer. Kentotek Leather Cream combines both the cleaning step and the conditioning step into one simple application, saving you time and allowing you to move onto the next car in a much more efficient manner. Kentotek Leather Cream is able to do so by incorporating powerful conditioners that are not over powered by the effective cleaners contained in Kentotek Leather Cream. This means that Kentotek Leather Cream is constantly conditioning the surface of the leather while the cleaner agents loosen dirt, stains, and grime, allowing you to gently wipe them away.

The last thing you want after you have finished caring for your leather is for the entirety of your interior to smell like a chemical plant. Leather has a very distinct scent that many people love and would like to maintain along with the condition on the leather. Kentotek Leather Cream is designed to revitalize the scent of your leather as it cares for it, leaving behind that natural leather scent you have come to expect out of your leather interior.

13.5 oz.