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Kenotek Interior Cleaner

Kenotek Interior CleanerCleans every surface of your interior!

Kenotek Interior Cleaner is a revolutionary interior cleaner that can be used on any surface of your car’s interior! Kenotek Interior Cleaner can tackle any spot, stain, dust, or mess on your dashboard, plastic trim, headliner, carpeting, and upholstery. There is no diluting necessary with Kenotek Interior Cleaner, just grab the bottle and get to work!

While the interior of your car may not be the first thing you or other notice when looking at your freshly detailed car, it is equally as important as the exterior. The exterior of your car may be the part of your car that others see the most, but the part of your car that YOU will see the most is the interior. Nothing is more discouraging then admiring your car’s pristine paint and glass only to get inside your vehicle and being bombarded by the sight of dust, stains, and spots. Kenotek Interior Cleaner will ensure that you never have to be exposed to that unfortunate scenario.

Kenotek Interior Cleaner and its exceptionally versatile formula can be used on every surface of your interior, so you will never have to rely on multiple products to bring your interior to the finish it deserves. No matter whether your leather, vinyl, plastic, carpet, upholstery, or all of the above are in desperate need of cleaning, Kenotek Interior Cleaner has you covered. Because Kenotek Interior Cleaner is the only interior cleaner you’ll ever need, you’ll also never have to worry about accidently using your aggressive vinyl cleaner on your sensitive upholstery and causing permanent damage.

Kenotek Interior Cleaner is extraordinarily effective at removing stubborn stains from your carpet and upholstery! Food/drink stains, blue-jean stains, and many more will be eliminated quickly when using Kenotek Interior Cleaner.

Kenotek Interior Cleaner will never leave behind any residue that will attract dirt, dust, and other airborne contaminants. The only thing that Kenotek Interior Cleaner will leave behind is a pleasant, fresh scent that you will be able to enjoy weeks after you have cleaned your interior!