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Kenotek Anti-Insect

Kenotek Anti-Insect No scrubbing necessary!

Kenotek Anti-Insect Is an extremely effective bug remover that will eliminate all of the bug remains from your paint without any scrubbing required. Kenotek Anti-insect is developed with revolutionary cleaning agents that will break the bond those bug remains have on your paint without the need of agitation, protecting your paint from needless scratches and marring. Best of all, Kenotek Anti-insect won’t remove your existing paint protection, allowing you to avoid the trouble of reapplying your finishing product after using Kenotek Anti-insect.

Bug remains are one of the most dangerous hazards your paint will ever face. Not only are the remains themselves extremely difficult to remove, but the acids that are released onto your paint when the bug impacts will slowly and surely eat through your clear coat. The only way to properly prevent these extremely unfortunate consequences is to clean the insect remains off your car as soon and as efficiently as possible. This is where Kenotek Anti-insect comes in!

Kenotek Anti-insect was formulated using innovative cleaner agents that can dissolve things such as bug remains and tree sap from your paint with no abrasion needed. Having to use a bug sponge on your car’s paint opens it up to a whole slew of possible scratches and swirls caused by the aggressive surface of the bug sponge. Kenotek Anti-insect aims to remove this risk by breaking up the bug remains chemically, so you can just rinse the bug remains off your paint instead of scrubbing.

Even though Kenotek Anti-insect will remove tough insect remain build up by simply spraying it on, it is incredible safe for your paint and existing finishing product. Kenotek Anti-insect won’t damage the wax, coating, or sealant you already have applied to your paint. This saves you from having to go through the trouble of reapplying your favorite wax every time you take a drive down the highway!

Spray Kenotek Anti-insect directly onto the affected area. Let Kenotek Anti-insect rest on the affected surface for a minute to allow it time to work. Then, thoroughly rinse Kenotek Anti-insect off your car’s surface with water. It is always recommended that you wash your car’s paint after the bug remains have been removed.