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IGL Ecocoat Premier 100 mL.

IGL Ecocoat Premier 100 mL.

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The easiest coating you’ll ever apply!

IGL Ecocoat Premier is a unique, water-based silica coating that is easier to apply than any other coating you’ll come across. IGL Ecocoat Premier will provide the same level of hydrophobicity as a standard silica coating in less than half the time. While other coatings contain potentially dangerous chemicals, IGL Ecocoat Premier is developed using zero VOCs and a water base, meaning you won’t have to worry about causing harm to you, your car, or the environment while using IGL Ecocoat Premier. The glossy, crystal-like finish of IGL Ecocoat Premier is sure to generate some envy in the minds of on-lookers!

We have all heard about the amazing new category of protection product that is coatings. The incredible duration and protection level of these coatings has always been the largest draw to them. However, traditional ceramic coatings carry with them a very difficult application process that tend to dissuade the average enthusiast, and for good reason. The consequences of applying one of these coatings incorrectly are quite serious. IGL Ecocoat Premier was designed to take the difficulty of applying a coating out of the equation. In fact, IGL Ecocoat Premier is easier to apply than most spray waxes!
IGL Ecocoat Premier may be the easiest paint coating you've ever applied - simply spray and wipe!

The hydrophobicity that IGL Ecocoat Premier provides is on the same level as almost every other coating that is on the market today. IGL Ecocoat Premier rests on top of your paint and maintains a high surface tension. This surface tension prevents water from being able to stick to the surface of your paint and cause things like streaks and water spots. Instead, the water will simply bead up on the surface of your paint, making it quite easy to remove. It will even just roll off once you start driving!

While it is not as serious as the damage that they cause to your paint, ceramic coatings also contain a slew of chemicals that are potentially dangerous to both you and the environment. Often these ceramic coatings require the use of gloves to ensure that they do not get on your hands, where they would be able to cause some damage. IGL Ecocoat Premier’s formula contains zero VOCs (volatile organic compounds) that are known to seriously impact the environment and those that come into contact with them.

Even if you don’t care about protection and are just looking for a quick and easy way to apply a long-lasting, crystal-like shine to your paint, IGL Ecocoat Premier is still the perfect product for you! Once IGL Ecocoat Premier is applied, it will look as if you literally poured a layer of glass over the surface of your paint.

Directions for use:
Clean the surface using IGL Ecoclean Precoat or IGL Ecoclean Multi.
Spray Premier onto a microfiber cloth.
Spread the coating evenly onto the surface.
Polish with a microfiber cloth until the haze is gone.
Applying several layers provides improved gloss and protection.

100 ml (3.3 oz)

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IGL Ecocoat Premier 100 mL.