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IGL Ecoclean Glass+

IGL Ecoclean Glass+

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The ultimate water spot and stain remover for glass!

IGL ecoclean Glass+ is the ultimate water spot and stain remover for your glass surfaces. Having zero VOC, IGL ecoclean Glass+ is very powerful but still safe for windows. Unlike most cleaners, IGL ecoclean Glass+ is non-acidic featuring a pH neutral solution to remove water spots and stains based on nano abrasives. Plus, IGL ecoclean Glass+ is easy-to-use with a straightforward method.

Your car windows can get dirty pretty quickly. And unlike other parts of your car, having dirty glass is not only an eyesore, but it can be a driving hazard. You need your glass to be as clear as possible to prepare for the safest drive. You don’t want contaminants, stains or water spots on your glass, and when you want them gone, give IGL ecoclean Glass+ a try.

IGL ecoclean Glass+ is formulated for the quick removal or water spots and stains that find their way to your glass surfaces. This ultimate glass cleaning product is powerful enough to remove water spots and stains on your windows and windshields but is still gentle enough to protect the glass. IGL ecoclean Glass+ does this by using a pH neutral formula, as well as nano abrasives grinded into nano sized particles and then dispersed in a solution that won't damage your glass but enhance it.

Once the surface is cleaned with IGL ecoclean Glass+, your surface will clean, smooth and hydrophobic, allowing for enhanced water beading to keep contaminants from sticking around on the surface. Once this step is completed, your glass will be prepped and ready for the application of a coating.

Plus, IGL ecoclean Glass+ is safe for all glass surfaces but is not designed to be used on paintwork. Formulated free of ammonia, IGL ecoclean Glass+ is non-toxic, bridgeable and REACH compliant, so you don't have to feel as though you are harming yourself or the environment, when you are using it. Best of all, IGL ecoclean Glass+ is easy-to-use with a simple spray and swipe formula to get your glass clean and get you back on the road.

-Shake well!
-Spray onto glass panel and polish until it is not longer hydrophobic.
-Rinse away residue with a stream of water.
-Wipe dry with a clean, microfiber towel.
-Apply IGL ecoclean Window for more hydrophobicity & a year's worth of protection.

500 ml.

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IGL Ecoclean Glass+