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Lake Country Hydro-Tech 5 1/2 x 7/8 Inch Foam Pads 3 Pack - Your Choice!

Choose any three of Lake Country's 5 1/2 x 7/8 inch foam pads for water-based polishes!

Hydro-Tech Low Profile 5 1/2 x 7/8 inch Foam Pads are made of European pre-polymer foam that prolongs the working time of water-based products. The slim profile of the Lake Country Hydro-Tech 5 1/2 x 7/8 Inch Foam Pads makes them ideal for buffing hard, scratch-resistant paint finishes with a dual action polisher. Choose any combination of three pads with this special 3 pack!

Lake Country Hydro-Tech 5 1/2 x 7/8 Inch Foam Pads are made of imported European pre-polymer foam. This long-wearing, high quality foam is less absorbent in order to keep the majority of polish on the pad's surface. You'll experience a longer working time with your water-based polishes and compounds, resulting in less product used to achieve the perfect finish.

Water-based polishes can soak into some foam pads like, well, water. That requires you to keep reapplying polish to the pad. With Lake Country Hydro-Tech 5 1/2 x 7/8 Inch Foam Pads, water-based polishes work longer and you use less polish. You'll save time and polish!


Comparison between Lake Country Hydro-Tech Foam Pads.
You can see the difference in thickness between the Hydro-Tech 5 1/2 x 7/8 inch pad and the 5 1/2 x 1 1/4 inch pad.

The Lake Country Hydro-Tech 5 1/2 x 7/8 Inch Foam Pads accomplish defect removal, polishing and finishing in fewer steps. This special foam composition leaves no marring so, even after compounding with the cyan cutting pad, the finish is nearly wax-ready. Think of these pads as all-in-one polishing and finishing pads.

Lake Country Hydro-Tech 5 1/2 x 7/8 Inch Foam Pads are available in three varieties:

Lake Country Hydro-Tech Cyan Advanced Cutting Pad

Cyan Advanced Cutting Foam - The blue foam is designed for compounding and swirl removal. This closed cell pre-polymer foam restores oxidized and heavily swirled paint. Looks can be deceiving; the blue pad looks coarse but actually finishes with no marring. You'll achieve an almost wax-ready finish in one step. That's another way the Lake Country Hydro-Tech 5.5 Inch Foam Pads save you time.

The blue cutting foam works well with Menzerna Power Finish PO 203 and Meguiars Ultra-Cut Compound. Both polishes have great cutting power and a clean, glossy finish. Use either polish/pad combo on neglected finishes and watch the paint come to life!


Lake Country Hydro-Tech Tangerine Ultra Polishing Pad

Tangerine Ultra Polishing Foam - The tangerine foam is made for light to moderate defect removal and polishing. It has the cutting power just below that of the Lake Country orange light cutting pad, and the tangerine pad leaves a finish like you'd achieve with a gray finishing pad.

Use a finishing polish or fine swirl remover to create a deep gloss. Menzerna Super Finish and Wolfgang Finishing Glaze are two excellent choices for this pad.


Lake Country Hydro-Tech Crimson Finishing Pad

Crimson Finishing Foam - The crimson foam is designed to apply waxes, glazes, and sealants in flawless, even coats without causing swirls. The soft foam has very light polishing ability, making it a great choice for cleaner waxes, too. Since the crimson pad is made of Hydro-Tech foam, it does not soak up liquid waxes and paint sealants like some finishing pads can. You'll be able to cover more paint with less product. The crimson pad is a great choice to apply Wolfgang Deep Gloss Paint Sealant 3.0.

Lake Country Hydro-Tech 5 1/2 x 7/8 Inch Foam Pads are made with high quality hook and loop backing. The pads work with a 5 inch hook and loop backing plate. The pads' size is perfect for a dual action or random orbital polisher.

The flat face of the Lake Country Hydro-Tech 5 1/2 x 7/8 Inch Foam Pads also helps to keep water-based polishes on the surface of the pad. The flat pads maintain full contact with the paint, and they have enough flexibility to hug the curves and contours of your vehicle.

Lake Country Hydro-Tech 5 1/2 x 7/8 Inch Foam Pads work with any type of polish but their pre-polymer composition makes them ideal for water-based polishes. Water-based polishes are used by body shops and paint shops because the oils in silicone-based polishes will interfere with paint. If you want a professional quality finish, water-based polishes applied with applied with Lake Country Hydro-Tech 5 1/2 x 7/8 Inch Foam Pads are the way to go. They'll save you time and polish!

Lake Country Hydro-Tech 5 1/2 x 7/8 Inch Foam Pads 3 Pack - Your Choice!

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80% Recommend this product (8 of 10 responses)
By Paul
Jacksonville, Florida
October 26, 2016
Arrived much quicker than expected, packaged carefully. Have used these pads to detail a boat and two cars. Totally satisfied. Make sure you use a good cleaner after use to keep them in working order and they will last for quite some time.
By Steve Thomas
High Ridge Missouri
October 26, 2016
Very Good Pads.
These Pads do a very nice Job and if kept clean have a very nice life span as well.
By Omar Salgado
Queen Creek, Arizona
July 22, 2016
Lake Country Hydro-Tech
I've been using the hydro tech pads for the past 5 yrs and all I have to say is that they are awesome with meguires polishes.
ProsMinimal marring if any at all and color system is easy to distinguish cut level. Very easy to work with and very forgiving with the DAs.
ConsPads themselves don't last very long maybe 2-3 cars tops for the heavier cut pads. Red pads seem to last since they don't see cutting.
By Rob
June 30, 2016
Best pads I've used!
I've experimented with many different pad brands as a semi-new detailer, and these by far blow every other out of the water. Started off with the griots pads on my GG6 but they are just too expensive and were starting to fall apart by the 3rd car. Next I switched to harbor freight pads for the cost, and they are complete junk. They barely lasted to the end of one car. These LC pads are the best of both worlds! Super high quality, excellent adhesion of the backing to the foam material, and cheap! I have 2 cars finished with them so far and they still look brand new after a wash! I'm blown away by LC's quality and will continue to use these for a long time.
ProsUltra high quality, excellent durability, work great
By Buster
Killeen Tx
April 18, 2016
First LC purchase
These Pads Are A Fine Addition To my collection. The 5 inch diameter fit well on medium sized panels. The smooth surface is is easy to clean on the fly.I would purchase again
ProsPrice is correct for size and ease of cleaning
By Joliet Jake
Joliet, IL
February 24, 2016
great pad
very well made. easy to clean. good price. work perfectly on Porter Cable polisher. ordered ordered a few more.
Proswork great
By Dan
Rochester Hills, Mi
May 10, 2015
I've used these pads with the popular offerings from both Menzerna, and Meguiar's. Combined with the quality polishes and compounds, all the pads performed flawlessly. For the Porter Cable 7424xp, this line of pads is a natural partner.
ProsRequires less operator pressure on the machine, and slower speeds. Dense, firm foams provode a solid, direct feel during polishing.
ConsI hear of premature pad failure, but have yet to experience any personally.
By Roy
March 12, 2015
Great pads
Very easy to work with , love them.
ProsThin and powerful
ConsThe con is that there is no con.
By Doug
November 26, 2012
Hybrid pads
After using CSS pads, trying these pads was like night and day to me. They feel much more solid and easier to control than my CSS pads. They cut nice and smooth. My CSS pads would get worn out fast and actually start to fall apart. Since using these hybrid pads thats all in the past so far. I wont buy any more CSS, just these
By Qusai
October 10, 2012
Best pads for pc 7424
These pads are crazy man. I have a nissan altima 2010 BLACK! Boy!!!! After experimenting with products and pads, all i really needed were the tangerine pads along with some meg#205 to get a swirl free, mirror like finish!!!! That 205 has a low cut, but beautiful finish, and i would say with the help of that tangerine pad, i dont think i couldve had a better polishing experience. I would say that i had a neglected finish no doubt, water spots, swirls. In the beginning, i used pinnacles advanced swirl remover on my hood with the tangerine pad and it was cutting nice. i then went over it with pinnacles finishing polish and my hood looks like water after hella washes!!! Moral of the story, GREAT PADS, no bs