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Hybrid Solutions Ceramic Polish and Wax 14 oz.

Hybrid Solutions Ceramic Polish and Wax 14 oz.

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Hybrid Solutions Polish and Wax is the all-in-one you need to correct marring and end with a glossy, protected finish. Hybrid Solutions Polish and Wax is just thatÖ a polish AND a wax, making your detailing process a shorter one. Correct your paint, leave it glossy and with a durable protection from future hazards all in one product. Besides being obviously convenient, space and time saving, the Hybrid Ceramic has super hydrophobic properties that allow for water beading, precision polishing agents to remove paint imperfections and synthetic wax polymers to increase depth of color, shine and gloss.

The process to make your car look like perfection is, letís be honestÖ a long one. There are many steps and many processes all doing something different in their own ways to help your car reach its destination of excellence. So, it wouldnít be uncommon or laughable to be tired by the time you get to the polish stage. And then even at the polish stage you are thinking you still have to wax after this step. But with the Hybrid Solutions Polish and Wax you get the action and optimum results of the polish and wax in one.

When it comes to the polishing, Hybrid Solutions Polish and Wax is ready to save your carís paint job. This product has super precision polishing agents that removes scratches, swirls and other paint imperfections. The polish portion of this product will also help restore the paintís color that it lost due to oxidization. So, before the protection of the wax portion comes into effect, the polishing compounds will make your carís imperfections disappear.

The wax is where itís at! Hybrid Solutions Ceramic Polish and Wax is high in hydrophobic properties, with the add luxury of having SiO2 polymers. When a product is hydrophobic, it means it has chemical compounds that create surface tension on your carís surface so that product stays closer. This allows for less opportunities to streak and for water spots to occur. Instead, the water will bead up and roll of your car in the coolest of ways. In terms of water, the hydrophobic polymers are hydro-activated and increases the depth of color, making colors pop and gleam, leaving behind a mirror like shine. Those reds will look like a juicy cherry, blacks as dark as the night, whites like cream and all the colors in between. The SiO2 gives the wax super strength by hardening and cross linking into a pretty much impermeable surface that is chemically bonded to your car. It can be strong enough to prevent anything from affecting your surface. It will enhance gloss, repel water, protect against chemicals, abrasion, oxidization and UV rays.

The most noteworthy aspect of the Hybrid Solutions Ceramic Polish and Wax is its all-in-one, easy-to-use nature. Correct your paint, polish, wax and protect your vehicle in one step. All this in one bottle, yet still delivers amazing clarity and shine. A simple bottle contains all you need to make your car glisten like it never has before. The bottle size alone saves you space in your garage from minimal product use and saves you from having to luge multiple products are around the car.

*Wash and dry car. *Shake well! *Avoid application on hot surfaces. *For best results, do not over-apply high active formula, 2 ounces per vehicle is recommended.


-Apply 3 dime size drops to a foam applicator pad.
-Spread product evenly over a 2 ft. x 2 ft. section with light to moderate pressure in an overlapping, circular motion.
-Remove excess with a microfiber cloth, turning to a clean side for the final wipe.
-Use a damp microfiber cloth to remove high spots and activate shine polymers.
-Re-wipe with a dry microfiber cloth if necessary.

14 oz.

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Mountain Top, PA
Excellent Polish leaving a crisp, clear finish
I had the opportunity to try this out on a Black 2018 GMC Denali. I started with a Rupes Green pad on the Bigfoot 21. It removed all defects, but left some micro-marring and swirling. I then switched to an LC Orange and it finished down perfect. I was able to polish the entire vehicle with the LC Orange, removing blemishes, acid rain marks, swirls, scratches and even removed wet sanding marks to perfection.

It left the finish very clean, crisp and clear. It also darkened the black slightly. The truck has never looked so good. I can't wait to try it on various other finishes, but so far, I am impressed.
Pros-Cost Effective - Long work time - Low Dusting - "True" one step polish - Smells Nice - Nice Packaging/branding - Doesn't clog pads easily - Produces quality results
Cons- None
Easy to use, great results
I used this for light paint enhancement. I applied it with a 15mm throw DA and it did exactly what I needed it to do. It saves time since I didn't have to go back over it with a wipedown and sealant after I was done with it. Just pull it out into the sun and let it glow.
Oswego, IL
Works pretty well
Bought this and the other Hybrid Solutions products to try out. Don't plan on using the "Ceramic Polish and Wax" to correct anything more than very light defects. It is definitely good for getting the paint surface prepped for the Hybrid Solutions "Ceramic Spray Coating", though. After compounding some very hard clear coat, I used the Ceramic Polish and Wax as a finishing polish on LC green foam medium polishing pads. It did a good job with a little pressure applied to my Griot's G9. Per a YouTube video recommendation, I spritzed each panel with distilled water after polishing and wiped it down during removal. The water did seem to "activate" the formula, and the surface looked a lot glossier after a 24hr cure time.
ProsDecent working time. No dusting. Definitely adds gloss
ConsVery runny, which can be a little messy. It is just a polish, but I wish it had a little more cut.
Houston, TX
Great Product
Turtle Wax has a great product on their hands and I'm looking forward to trying the rest of this line.
Goes on easy and comes off with no problem thanks to it's long flash time.
Autogeek was great to deal with as always.
ProsEase of use
Polish and wax
Really like this product. Using it in the heated garage, the first application was by hand on my ceramic coated daily. The product spreads nicely with no streaks or high spots. A few minutes to setup and the wipe off with a high quality MF was easy. Slickness is superior with a resulting high level of shine. Water beading and sheeting is impressive. Will try machine application on my other daily to compare but I expect similar results.
ProsEasy on Easy off. Superior shine and water beading.