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GYEON Prime 30 ml

GYEON Prime 30 ml

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Long lasting protection thatís easy to apply!

GYEON Prime is an easy to apply silicone dioxide (SiO2) based paint coating that offers up to 12 months of protection for your vehicle. This high-quality paint sealant protects your vehicle form UV rays, environmental contaminants, and road grime, and itís also highly hydrophobic, making it virtually self-cleaning. GYEON Prime is the perfect coating for all skill levels, providing glossy, long-lasting results with each application!

Applying a traditional carnauba wax may be therapeutic, but having to reapply once a week quickly becomes a burden. Todayís busy lifestyles simply donít allow a lot of time for extra work. At the same time, the hustle and bustle of a busy life means that your vehicle is on the road more, facing an incredible amount environmental contamination. Luckily, GYEON Prime offers an easy-to-apply solution that provides intense gloss that lasts up to a year!

GYEON Prime features advanced SiO2-based technology that bonds to paint creating an extremely durable and incredibly hydrophobic layer of protection. The chemically resistant formula stands up to environmental contaminants, bird droppings, UV rays, acid rains, and even aggressive cleansers with pHs ranging from 2-11. That means that even if a well-meaning friend drives your treated vehicle through the car wash tunnel, your GYEON Prime coating will remain intact!

Directions for Application:
Always work on a clean, dry vehicle. Clay and polish paint prior to application.
  1. Prepare the surface using GYEON Prep to remove any polishing oils or residue to ensure proper bonding.
  2. Shake GYEON Prime well.
  3. Using the included applicator, spread a thick, even layer of GYEON Prime over a section of the vehicle in a crisscross pattern. Break larger portions, like the hood, roof, and large door panels into smaller sections.
  4. After one section is coated, immediately wipe off any excess.
  5. Allow To dry for at least 3 hours, then wipe down vehicle with GYEON Cure.
  6. Allow to fully cure for 24 hours prior to driving vehicle. For faster cure time, use infrared lamps for 10 minutes per panel. Do not wash vehicle for 7 days after application.


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GYEON Prime 30 ml