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GYEON Q2M MittA safe and comfortable wash mitt

The GYEON Q2M Mitt is a natural, full-coverage wash mitt with a short nap perfect for grabbing dirt and lifting it away from the surface. This ultra-soft and absorbent wash mitt holds tons of soapy water, providing plenty of lubrication so that it can safely glide across the surface without causing scratches or marring. The GYEON Q2M Mitt fits comfortably on your hand so that you can wash every inch of your vehicle without accidentally dropping it on the ground.

When you’re washing or vehicle, you don’t want to make any additional work for yourself. That means avoiding wash-inflicted swirl marks and marring at all costs! The GYEON Q2M Mitt makes that goal a lot easier to attain with its natural soft fibers and easy to hold mitten design.

GYEON Q2M Mitt is a very comfortable nonabrasive mitt that helps you safely wash every inch of your vehicle. Its oversized mitten shape makes it easy to wash under door handles and in other odd shaped areas, like louvers and spoilers—all you have to do is grab on! The elastic cuff on the wrist of the GYEON Q2M Mitt helps keep it safely on your hand and off the ground.

For best results, use the GYEON Q2M Mitt on your GYEON coated vehicle using a high quality maintenance shampoo like GYEON Bathe. Rinse the mitt frequently during washing to remove any grit or grime collected from the surface of the vehicle. After the car wash is complete, thoroughly rinse the GYEON Q2M Mitt and allow to dry out of direct sunlight. Periodically, wash the GYEON Q2M Mitt by hand with GYEON Towel Wash to remove any buildup.


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