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GYEON Q2R Marine GelCoat

GYEON Q2R Marine GelCoat

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The only coating capable of standing up to harsh salt water!

GYEON Q2R GelCoat is a professional level ceramic coating for your boat’s hull and other gel coated surfaces. GYEON Q2R GelCoat was formulated to have effective self-cleaning properties that will make daily maintenance on your boat or yacht much easier than it has ever been! The high water mark resistance of GYEON Q2R GelCoat will ensure that even though your vessel spends quite a lot of time in the water, you won’t have to suffer the consequences of having that water make its mark. GYEON Q2R GelCoat also contains strong UV inhibitors and has a high chemical resistance that will help to prevent both oxidation and color loss

There are not many ceramic coatings made for marine applications. The reason for this is that for quite a while, the technology just didn’t exist to make a formula that was durable enough to stand up to the extremely corrosive elements to which your boat’s surfaces are exposed. Between the salt water, the UV rays, and the slew of other organic contaminants, it is nearly impossible to find a substance that is capable of fending them off for any appreciable amount of time. That is until GYEON Q2R GelCoat was developed!

GYEON Q2R GelCoat will make caring for your boat or yacht much easier than it has ever been before. This is mainly due to the incredible self-cleaning properties of this coating. GYEON Q2R GelCoat creates a highly hydrophobic layer of protection on your gel coat surfaces once it is applied. This means that things like water, dirt, and stain causing particles don’t get the opportunity to adhere to the surface and begin doing damage. In fact, often times, all it will take to get rid of these substances is a simple strong jet of water!

Not everyone who owns a boat has a place to store that boat that is outside of the water. When your boat’s hull is exposed to water 24/7 the risk of water marks slowly etching their way into the hull of your boat becomes quite a concern. However, GYEON Q2R GelCoat was designed specifically to be extremely water mark resistant. This salt and minerals that cause water marks don’t get the chance to penetrate and begin corroding the surface of your gel coat away! GYEON Q2R GelCoat will keep those minerals at a safe distance and allow you to clean them off before they sink their teeth in!

One of the most important things to a boat own though is the amount and severity of things like discoloration and oxidation that form on their boat. Both of these are caused mainly by constant exposure to UV rays and salts in the water. GYEON Q2R GelCoat effectively combats both of these elements thanks to its high chemical resistance and solid layer of protection that makes it extremely difficult for UV rays to penetrate. GYEON Q2R GelCoat will keep your boat looking bright and vibrant for years to come!

100 mL

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Parker Arizona
Amazing finish!
First time I applied it was with Mike Phillips at the Autogeek Show Car Garage. It goes on easy and leaves a flawless finish. I’ve applied it on four boats now and it gets better every time.