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GYEON Tire Maintenance Bundle - Limited Edition

Limited Edition Bundle Kit from GYEON!

GYEON Q2 Tire Cleaner
GYEON Q2M Tire is the only SiO2 coating designed specifically for use on tires. This completely unique formula blocks out contaminants and UV rays the break own rubber causing browning and cracking to help maintain the like-new look of your tires. GYEON Q2M Tire Makes tires look deep black and bead water like crazy!

GYEON Q2M Tire Express
GYEON Tire Express is the perfect tire care product if you are looking for something that is easy to apply and can be done in mere minutes! GYEON Tire Express is a water-based tire and rubber dressing that will spread easily and evenly on either wet or dry tires. GYEON Tire Express will leave behind a subtle matte finish that will remind you of the look your tires had when you first drove them off the lot! Keeping your tires clean after applying GYEON Tire Express is extremely easy thanks to the naturally repellent, self-cleaning aspect of this incredible product!

GYEON Foam Block Applicator
GYEON Applicator Foam Block is the perfect aid for applying your favorite GYEON coating. The firm foam block is the same one that comes in several GYEON coating kits, and it really helps during the application process! The GYEON Applicator Foam Block is the perfect complement to your GYEON coating collection.

Low Profile Tire Brush
The Low Profile Tire Brush is a specially designed tire brush for cleaning and scrubbing low profile tires. Plus sized wheels are becoming increasingly popular for new vehicles, where 17, 18, and 19 wheels used to be reserved for exotic sports cars. Most tire brushes available were not designed with the low-profile tire in mind, rendering them useless for cleaning and scrubbing modern low-profile tires. The Low Profile Tire Brush is the solution!

(3) 16x16 Red Microfiber Towels
Get ready to add three microfiber terry towels to your collection that won't scratch or contaminant your paint or wheels! These towels can be used for a multitude of purposes including interior detailing, buffing, and shining!

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GYEON Tire Maintenance Bundle - Limited Edition

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GYEON Tire Maintenance Bundle - Limited Edition