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GTechniq D3 Deck UV Protect

GTechniq D3 Deck UV ProtectProtect your wooden deck from the harsh effects of UV rays.

GTechniq D3 Deck UV Protect is a specialized formula specially made to protect wooden decks from the effects the sun has. GTechniq D3 Deck UV Protect keeps exposed wood from bleaching and falling victim to the “gray effect”. The number one product of choice on boats based mainly in the Mediterranean and Caribbean, GTechniq D3 Deck UV Protect provides ultimate protection from the downfall of harsh UV rays.

GTechniq D3 UV Protect is formulated with an incredibly strong UV filter which will keep your sun-exposed wood from bleaching. Having a wooden deck on your boat or yacht is always a beautiful feature. Unfortunately, repeated and lasting exposure to the sun and UV rays causes this beautiful to start to fade, turning an unsightly light gray to white color. GTechniq D3 UV Protect stops this process and leaves an attractive natural look behind.

Unlike other deck and wood coating in the past, Gtechniq D3 Deck UV Protect does not give a “patchwork” effect. The patchwork effect leaves some portions of the wood exposed, while other are protected. You’ll start to notice that your finish is an uneven color. Rectifying this unattractive effect can cost upwards of thousands of dollars – and sometimes may even require that the wood be refinished.

Before applying GTechniq D3 Deck UV Protect to any surface, be sure it is clean of all fats or oils, and is completely dry. Surface should also be cool to the touch, with a moisture content of less than 18%. Two coats of GTechniq D3 Deck UV Protect should be applied using a paint brush or sponge with a 4-6 hour wait time between each coat.

Once the surface has had time to absorb the product, you can layer GTechniq D1 Deck Protect over it for even more protection.

1 liter