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Gtechniq Marine Multi-Stage Polish

Gtechniq Marine Multi-Stage Polish

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The latest and greatest in marine polish!

GTechniq Marine Multi-Stage Polish is different from normal polishes, because it doesn’t cut, it reflows. This means that GTechniq Marine Multi-Stage Polish saves your boat’s gelcoat and topcoat from any additional damage. Not only that, but GTechniq Marine Multi-Stage Polish can remove defects without an excessive amount of additional compound. Plus, all the work can be done quickly with just your favorite polisher and GTechniq Marine Multi-Stage Polish.

When your surface is heavily oxidized, its only natural to worry that whatever work you do, good or bad, will just harm your gelcoat or topcoat even further. Typically, this can be true, but GTechniq Marine Multi-Stage Polish uses a unique formula that uses particles to reflow the surface rather than cut it.

GTechniq Marine Multi-Stage Polish uses nanoscale alpha alumina particles that reflow the surface rather than the traditional polishes that simply cut the surface. This multi-stage technology is much kinder to gelcoats and topcoats as it will remove the defects without having to use a significant amount of compounds. This means you can buffer safer and there won’t be any buffer trails, just a flawless, high-gloss finish.

Easy-to-apply, GTechniq Marine Multi-Stage Polish works well with your favorite polisher, a few pads and a towel, depending on how oxidized your surface is. This will determine whether you use GTechniq Marine Multi-Stage Polish with a medium pad or a cutting pad. Either way, once you are done with the polisher, be sure to buff your surface to a finish with a clean microfiber towel. Sometimes, the product will be difficult to remove. In this case, just use a wet microfiber towel first, followed up with a second dry one. This will let your new surface shine right through.

-If the surface is heavily oxidized, polish first using a Cutting Pad with a rotary polisher.
-For less oxidized surfaces use a Medium cutting pad. Then finish with a Finishing Pad with a rotary polisher
-Buff with a Gtechniq MF1 Microfibre until you have a streak-free finish.
-If you find it hard to remove the product, wipe with a wet MF1 Microfibre and then buff with a dry one.

500 ml.

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Gtechniq Marine Multi-Stage Polish